Roger Ver Alleges Theymos Behind the Deletion of Bitcoin History

The cryptocurrency space has its own share of controversies that keep on popping up every now and then. The latest one is revolving around Theymos, who is the administrator of Bitcointalk and Besides, Theymos is also a Bitcoin moderator on Reddit.

There is no denying the fact that Theymos has contributed significantly to spread awareness about the Bitcoin among common people. He has more than 8,000 posts on the Bitcointalk which explain to users the various benefits of adopting digital coins. However, many people criticize Theymos for his double standards as he has censored posting his personal data while allowing data of other moderators to be posted on the forum. Also, there are allegations against the Theymos about the mishandling of the funds.

Deletion of Bitcoin History:


Now Roger Ver, the early investor, and promoter of Bitcoin has charged the Theymos for deleting the posts on Bitcointalk. Citing the example of his own post that was initiated in 2012, Ver described in a video clip how his post was archived and then moved to a new location only to be deleted later. Ver alleged that this thread has been removed now and expressed shock and surprise over the development. Ver called Theymos a totalitarian, abhorred this step of the Bitcoin moderator as censorship and called upon the viewers to get involved in the Bitcoin Cash as it is the platform that promotes free speech and transparency, unlike the Bitcointalk which censors people’s right to disagree.

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