Rollbit coin down 5% as Gainzy switches to Stake sponsorship

Gainzy, an anonymous crypto Twitter user, stands out in huge crypto deals. Changing his endorsement from one crypto betting platform to another has garnered attention, especially when the first company’s digital coin value lowers.

The two among the best crypto sportsbooks online, Rollbit and target enthusiastic gamblers with blockchain technology for sports betting and casino activities.

Gainzy announced on Twitter that he left Rollbit to join Stake after much consideration. He invited fans to see his first live stream tonight. Similar to Gainzy switching sponsors, rapper Drake also supports Drake, who has 142 million followers, showcases his winning moments and sometimes discusses his earnings.

Although Gainzy’s bets often create a stir online, their partnership with began rather subtly. A livestream called “plz work” had about 140 views on Monday, which is low compared to their 200,000 followers on Twitter.

The influencer faced tech issues on Tuesday and expressed frustration, mentioning the “misery” of preparing for a one-hour stream. They offered a generous payment for assistance and later mentioned that they would enjoy a “beer and a swim” to unwind.

Gainzy’s announcement that he was leaving Rollbit hurt the platform’s token. According to CoinGecko, Rollbit Coin, the gambling platform’s utility token, fell 5.3% to $0.124 in a day.

Crypto Twitter star Gabriel Haines told Decrypt that Gainzy appears to be manipulating one casino against the other. His monthly income from streaming slot games may be in the six figures.

While ardent gamblers can bet on anything, including on-chain hamster races, gambling platforms often engage with online influencers to increase visibility and traffic.

Gainzy began sponsoring Rollbit in December, according to a deleted tweet. Due to a referral link that gave sports betting losers a 10% return, he called Rollbit “the best in the market”.

According to Gainzy, the Rollbit Coin has grown significantly since their partnership began. About two months after starting the sponsorship, Gainzy mentioned on Twitter that they had bet more than $10 million on Rollbit.


Even though Gainzy’s partnership with Rollbit brought significant attention to the platform, someone associated with its inception admitted on Tuesday that Rollbit’s sports betting segment isn’t the driving force.

Lucky, an anonymous co-founder of Rollbit, mentioned on Twitter that the platform’s sports betting revenue isn’t doing as well right now, especially when compared to the “record-breaking volumes” from the site’s other income sources.

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