Ronin announces launching zkEVM through Polygon CDK

By the first quarter of 2025, builders could have the ability to architect their gaming blockchain. This stems from Ronin’s announcement, in which it stated its commitment to launching zero-knowledge EVM on the network. 

This will enable builders to construct their chains on top of the mainnet network. The idea is to leverage the potential of the Polygon Chain Development Kit, simply known as Polygon CDK.

Ronin has defined this as a big step towards achieving scalability and a permissionless ecosystem. Builders who create their chains on the mainnet will have access to 1.5 million daily active users.

This has made Ronin one of the largest gaming blockchains, and it is now certain to help buddy chains make the most of it. Launching layer-2 chains will provide access to a broader gaming ecosystem, thereby facilitating the onboarding of a larger user base and promoting greater economic freedom.

The basic requirement to build an L2 chain is to have at least 250k RON to first become a validator and then launch their chain. For reference, a single RON is exchanging hands at $2.40, up by 3.64% in the last 24 hours at the time of writing this article.

While the requirement appears to be prohibitively expensive, it brings improvements to staking rewards for delegators, shared security, and shared rewards.

The launch of zkEVM is more than necessary in current times because it helps to process a larger number of transactions without revealing data about it. For instance, Ronin processes approximately 40 million transactions daily. 

One way to increase this number is to upgrade the network with technology that can fuel scalability. As a result, more transactions are supported. This is where zkEVM plays a crucial role. If implemented, it is expected to support around 400 million transactions every day, with the number going as high as 4 billion.

Overall, zkEVM brings four core features to Ronin: scalability, user experience, economic alignment, and more. For starters, scalability entails the ability to host a larger number of transactions while also creating infinite blockspace. Ronin will be able to turn itself into an L2 for Ethereum alignment with zkEVM.


By allowing users to conveniently tap into applications from a zkEVM chain, they introduce a seamless user experience. This could be Katana, Mavis Market, or any other application. Economic alignment refers to increasing staking rewards as the L2 sequencer fees go to validators who are running the layer-2 chain. Given the basic requirement of 250k RON tokens, we anticipate that the introduction of zkEVM will significantly enhance the token’s utility and demand.

Finally, it paves the way for the introduction of more games into the ecosystem. Builders are likely to introduce more games as the number of L2 chains increases. This leads to the direct provision of multiple titles to users. Hence, serving a great deal to all the community members.

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