Ronin introduces Lumiterra, a new play-to-earn MMORPG

Lumiterra is a new platform that allows a battery of Web3 game players from China and Hong Kong to join the Ronin movement. It offers a wonderful opportunity to earn nonfungible token resources, tokens, and more. The transformation of the Lumiterra ecosystem into Ronin is phenomenal, and the game is playable now, even though it is in the nascent stages of development. Completing Ronin Week quests is a splendid chance to access the Lumiterra Closed Beta Test.

Lumiterra’s primary target audience consists of Web3 gaming enthusiasts from China and Hong Kong. The company is expanding its presence through Asia and recruiting more crypto natives to the well-known movement. Lumiterra is a cross-platform web game that is a unique blend of survival, exploration, and crafting. It offers an incredible opportunity to craft items, trade them with the player community, and form partnerships with other players to participate in quests.

The Lumiterra ecosystem includes a lovely array of in-game products, non-fungible currencies, and Lumi Finance, a decentralized platform. Lumiterra is ideal for gamers seeking a fun game or an innovative Web3 experience. Lumiterra’s CBT will begin in July 2024, assuming all goes well, and will feature $1 million in rewards. There are valuable rewards like RON, in-game goodies, and spots for the Lumiterra Non-Fungible Token mint. Lumiterra allows players to explore freely in an imaginative environment full of challenges and chances. An active Lumiterra player will specialize in warfare, gathering, and agriculture.

Players who specialize in agriculture skills can become more successful tamers. Resources are essential for producing fine things such as equipment, weapons, and materials. A Lumittera game player can discover how to defeat plant crops and creatures while gathering resources. 

After completing the basic objectives, a normal player will start Lumiterra’s main plotline, which includes a number of optional quests and side quests. Optional quests and side quests can be employed to speed up the leveling process, and the player is free to choose. It is stated that RON will serve as the primary in-game money during Lumiterra’s CBT.

A few years ago, there were only a few games available on Ronin, but now there are numerous gaming universes established on it. Lumiterra’s migration is yet another groundbreaking initiative for the organization and its millions of avid web gaming enthusiasts. The global web gaming community is thrilled to welcome Ronin, and the incredible journey of Lumiterra continues with a splendid twist. It is a reality that Lumiterra will bring a novel gaming experience to Ronin’s platform, and Lumiterra is a provider of immersive crafting experiences. 


The Lumiterra ecosystem boasts a remarkable integration of a groundbreaking decentralized finance platform. They guarantee rich and fascinating gaming experiences for the global web gaming community. It presents a super opportunity to engage with decentralized finance applications candidly. 

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