Ronin introduces Wild Forest by Zillion Whales

Ronin has brought to the limelight an upcoming PvP gaming title, Wild Forest. It is being developed by Zillion Whales and is currently in the Alpha version. The real-time strategy game comes with the background of dismantling the castles of an opponent before claiming their territory. However, the fun actually begins with players collecting cards to get started with the battle.

The fast-paced game rolls out rewards for players when they compete in seasonal leaderboards. Making things interesting is the fact that anyone can play the game without subscribing to a service. Wild Forest is a free-to-play game that is planned to go beyond the current border.

Moving forward, Zillion Whales is planning to enable a seamless in-game trade for players. This will be relevant to owning in-game assets and trading them with another player. Digital Assets in Wilf Fire are likely to include Skins, Units, weapons, and $WF tokens. Ronin has highlighted in the announcement that all the digital assets will be available for trade on secondary marketplaces.

The development is currently in the works, following which players will have access to download the game from a respective mobile application store – AppStore and Play Store.

Wild Forest starts with players collecting cards and building a deck of them. This briefs them about the type of units players will have during the battle. Assuming players kickstart the in-game trading instantly, all they will have to do is build a purpose out of the cards and put it on the table against the player who possesses what they want. This can get as tricky as it sounds, with everything curling down to one’s negotiation skills.

Players have a mixed-balanced crew by default. This includes long-range archers, close-range infantry, and devastating artillery, among other types of units. Customization can be done when players decide which opponent they are looking to destroy. Territories under dispute will be reflected as unclaimed territories till the time someone emerges victorious.

The game is fast-paced, and the result can be out in a matter of a moment, or it can go on for a couple of hours. Only the original bases remain under the control of each player during the battle.

A total of three types of buildings can be constructed in Wild Forest: Mines, Towers, and Barracks. Mines play a very important role in supplying energy to the Base, with Barracks acting like a place to rest one’s Units. Towers enable a player to engage in a defensive attack. Place Units in the Tower and attack the opponent as & when they attack.

Early access is available only to Ronin creators and Mystic Axie holders. Others can get on board by following Wild Forest on X, formerly Twitter, joining their Discord channel, and answering the form for an invite.

Ronin, in the announcement, has expressed its excitement in bringing a gaming title by Zillion Whales to the ecosystem and has further urged the community to give a warm welcome to them on X and Discord.

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