Ronin Wallet launches browser extension for enhanced UX

Currently, the Ronin wallet browser extension sidebar has been activated, simplifying the use of the Ronin wallet on laptops and various EVM adaptable chains. 

As of date, Ronin takes credit for having roughly 1.2 million users and is capable of managing 40 transactions daily. As per the company’s vision statement, the figure will gain exponentially shortly. The need is for a compelling UX. This is exactly where the Ronin wallet sidebar comes within the screen.  

The Ronin wallet sidebar helps incorporate it within a user’s browser. Facilities are provided for swapping, staking, transaction signing, etc. The sidebar protects against certain mistakes humans make and creates further connectivity with Ronin.

The browser update further assembles every function within the browser extension. This signifies that Ronin and ETH, BNB, Polygon, and Arbitrum backing will be accessible on the Ronin wallet browser extension. Added will be an array of prime dApps and the latest Ronin wallet type. There has also been an additional threat precaution measure for the benefit of intermediary dApps.   

Arbitrum backing is positioned live on the Ronin wallet, signifying that mobile wallets will be able to function on Ronin, as well as Ethereum mainnet, Binance smart chain (BNB), Polygon, and Arbitrum. The Ronin wallet will provide options for showcasing assets, forwarding transactions, linking up with dApps, and a whole lot of other facilities across the Ronin wallet.

Once a user connects, he can connect with Arbitrum directly from the mobile Ronin wallet. 

In 2023, the team witnessed Ronin’s scaling to delegated proof of stake (DPoS). RON authenticators harnessed the network through the initial third-party gaming studio development on Ronin.

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