Roo Troop and Joey Mob are relaunching and migrating to Polygon

Roo Troop recently released a string of tweets to inform relaunching into Polygon. The tweets also revealed that Joey Mob will also be launching on the network.

Both platforms will migrate to Polygon on April 12th. This recent collaboration has been undertaken to fight the war against creators. The platforms will also drown out the noise to help them reclaim their focus and time.

The announcement follows the announcement by Roo Troop, where they talked about standing against the noise surrounding creator royalties. According to Roo Troop, everyone is delighted to set an example and migrate to Polygon.

This migration will take place at 10 p.m. EST on April 12th. The transfer of the Joey Mob and Roo Troop collections will follow this. The tweets by Roo Troop also emphasised the importance of staying aware of their migration to facilitate a smooth transition.

The platforms will be posting the latest announcements on social media channels. This will help them stay aware of any changes in the migration date and benefits. The new assets will be directly airdropped into users’ wallets, and they won’t need to file any claims.

According to Roo Troop, users might get their Roos before their Joeys in their wallets. The entire procedure might last over a few hours, so users are requested not to partake in other airdrops. The platform has also warned them not to unstake or move any assets.

Roo Troop tagged Animalmix55 and told everyone that the user has made a framework to manage everything. The platform is removing the custodial stakes while the migration goes on. Users will be able to earn their ROOLAH yield while holding the Joeys or Roos.


Once the migration is done, the original collections will be named void. It means that the assets won’t be needed to access holder advantages. The upcoming collections will only be traded on Roo Troop will slowly add more marketplaces for the trade.

Trevor Holman

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