Room-K: Katariba’s unique metaverse educational platform

A Japanese NPO has taken up the initiative of assisting in every way it can, and in particular, taking complete advantage of the virtual world to ensure emotionally affected students join up with the mainstream classes. According to reliable sources from the very organization, they have successfully converted ten percent of the students who participated in the online classes into joining the mainstream, which happens to be normal schooling.  

The covid fiasco managed to change the very way we think and the ways in which we have tried to make adjustments in our everyday lives. The ones who were the most affected were the school-going children. No more were simple issues like heading for a real-world school taken for granted. This was particularly in the case of those children who were emotionally affected in one way or another. For them, it all seemed to be a real uphill task.

This is where the Japanese Non-Profit Organization (NPO) Katariba decided to take a firm and progressive stand. Putting every obstacle aside, they decided to take complete advantage of all that the virtual world was offering and introduced their very own Room-K, which happens to be a virtual world-oriented educational platform. 

Furthermore, the platform allows children to build a feeling of faith with their counselors. It enables the development of a feeling of faith, oneness, and belongingness. However, it is for this reason that children are able to develop social skills and can gain concentration.

The plans and aim of this very organization are in the proper utilization of the platform that has been created to ably assist all of those students who do not want to pursue the mainstream form of studying in another way. 


This organization, it is being perceived, could be totally in favor of the Japanese Government Agency for Child and Family Affairs, which is looking out for just these kinds of projects. According to the person who happens to be controlling Room-K, Tomotaka Segawa of Katariba, their entire game plan is to be able to stand by all of the children who do not want to join mainstream schooling and studies and provide them with an alternative solution.

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