Root Protocol announces a strategic partnership with Ankr

Root Protocol announced joining hands with Ankr. The Protocol has called its association with the provider of blockchain infrastructure and developer tools a strategic partnership. The objective is to strengthen the technical capabilities and achieve the mission of revolutionizing Web3 accessibility.

Ankr brings its EVM RPC endpoint to the table. The functionality will help Root Protocol offer support for its decentralized applications, that is, dApps. The infrastructure and expertise of Ankr will, to be more specific, assist dApps in improving scalability and performance.

The EVM RPC endpoint of Ankr has a history of providing seamless and efficient operations for a better user experience. The same will be extended to the ecosystem of the Root Protocol.

A reason why the strategic partnership between Root Protocol and Ankr is imperative is that there is still a gap between users and the idea of conveniently connecting with other chains, dApps, and accounts. Per the announcement by Root Protocol, the Web3 landscape is fragmented, posing a number of challenges to users.

Also, the partnership aligns with Root Protocol’s attempts to develop a universal portal that grants access to individuals in the simplest manner. For those with fewer technical ideas, the universal portal will ensure that the fundamentals are easy to understand or, at best, to outsource when it comes to the complexities of Web3 technology. The offering and the objective also entail the aspects of developers and consumers.

Root Protocol said in the announcement that they would simultaneously leverage the association to onboard new developers and consumers to have a Web3 community that thrives on development and is interconnected. Developer tools and infrastructure solutions by Ankr are teased to help the Protocol offer cross-chain capabilities and take into account several Web3 experiences.

Moving forward, Root Protocol intends to exploit the functionalities of Rollup-as-a-Service, further provided by Ankr. It will help the protocol tailor and construct L2 chains that function smoothly to serve the traffic from decentralized application use cases before delivering it to public chains for a secure settlement.

In the official announcement, Root Protocol expressed its confidence in the partnership with Ankr. The team stated that the association will accelerate its progress in achieving its vision of unifying the Web3 experience. They are also looking ahead to blending their intent-centric aggregator technology with the robust infrastructure of Ankr.

That said, ANKR, the native token of Ankr, has slipped slightly by 1.877% in the last 24 hours at the time of articulating this piece. The token is listed at $0.03375, which is still an uptick of 12.97% in the last seven days and 37.19% in the last 30 days. Plus, its 24-hour volume has surged by 4.72%.

The strategic partnership between Root Protocol and Ankr is expected to yield results in the days to come.

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