Roseon Finance and Mozik Enter a Partnership

Roseon Finance recently made headlines after hiring a former HSBC executive as CFO. Now the multi-chain DeFi yield aggregator is entering a partnership with Mozik. The partnership will see Mozik’s native token and art integrated into Roseon’s DeFi platform and mobile app.

Mozik is a popular decentralized platform that focuses on music, and seeing NFTs’ interaction with the sector; the partnership seems natural. Roseon will also be representing Mozik Vietnam to accommodate the Mozik platform with Viet music.

The music-based platform understands that decentralization is crucial to help artists break the shackles of record labels’ monopoly. The platform aims to trigger the revolution and help both fans and artists avail esteemed benefits. That is why Mozik has decided to join Roseon and garner apt tools, knowledge, and resources.

Roseon is associated with offering intuitive opportunities to its users and community. The recent development will help Roseon maintain its contribution to the industry and bring forth the music revolution.

Roseon hiring Francis So (Former HSBC Executive) is another attempt to keep its momentum. Francis So is a veteran financial and banking professional with over 25 years of experience under their belt. He acted as the Deputy CEO with HSBC and the Head of Wholesale Banking as well.

Mozik is currently one of the most popular decentralized NFT platforms revolving around music. The company aims to build a fair music ecosystem and allows artists to earn through their music. It uses IP derivatives, music copyright, and super-star IP on-chain to achieve that. Perks like high user engagement and low publishing cost make Mozik an instant crowd-pleaser.

Contrarily, Roseon Finance is a yield aggregator that manages both NFT and crypto portfolios while optimizing yield across CeFi and DeFi networks. The platform also offers mobile apps with a user-friendly approach. With over a 100 million $ROSN token used as transaction fees and staking, Roseon is a critical part of multiple sectors. That is the reason why most experts and NFT enthusiasts believe the development will revolutionize the industry.

Roseon, the mobile aggregator platform, recently joined hands with Mozik, a decentralized music-based NFT platform. Both ventures offer esteemed services, and the development will help them maintain the performance. With the partnership, Roseon will help Mozik get its art and token integrated into its DeFi platform. Roseon recently hired a former HSBC Executive, showing how intent the platform is to revolutionize the industry.

Roxanne Williams

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