RPC endpoints run by Solana Foundation go offline

Solana Status sent out a tweet to let people know that RPC endpoints run by the Solana Foundation aren’t working right now because a bug was found in the test release 1.14. Members have been asked to switch to the 1.13 test release until the team does the repairs.

Unlike earlier times, block production is functional despite RPC endpoints going offline. Solana Network remains functional as well.

Mainnet beta Explorer and Solana Foundation Public RPC endpoints are currently offline, Solana Status tweeted yesterday. RPC, short for Remote Procedure Call, endpoints are the nodes that applications can use to connect to the blockchain.

Another clarification has come from the Solana Foundation. Austin Federa, the Head of Strategy & Communications, has issued a statement claiming that many private operators, including QuickNode, Triton, and Alchemy, are operating without any issues. Austin has further added that Solana Foundation only runs a small portion of RPC infrastructure for the purpose of testing and casual use.

This is not the first time that Solana has reported such an issue. In the last year, for instance, Solana suffered 14 outages that lasted a total of 4 days, 12 hours, and 21 minutes. It is evident by the way followers reacted to the announcement. Some have asked Again? while others have joked, “Oh, guess what—another Solana bug.” One of the followers on Twitter has even pointed out that the devnet airdrop is not working.

Solana last faced a major outage in October 2022 due to a node-related issue. The frequency has only gone up as the community finds the road to recovery.

Apart from the issue, Solana has reportedly started 2023 on a positive note, with the network’s daily address being ahead of its rivals like Ethereum. Moreover, the value of SOL has increased considerably, with a jump of 37%, to trade at more than $16. Solana sees this as a win because the value will be closer to $8 by the end of 2022. It is now in the top 15 digital assets.

The new Bonk Inu token made its way into the market with a surge of over 100% to attract heavy activity on the network.

Solana sees itself growing as a blockchain that has gone through a lot in the last year. The blockchain, which is known for its speed and environmental considerations, is globally distributed so that all developers can benefit from the seamless experience. The average cost of transactions, as mentioned on the official website, is $0.00025, with 21.9 million NFTs already minted.


Its infrastructure is backed by a proof-of-stake mechanism to minimize the impact on the environment. The network allows operations to grow by giving benefits to both developers and users.

While RPC endpoints run by the Solana Foundation are offline, those run by private firms are still operational and accessible for use.

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