RTFKT is hosting the Nike Dunk Ghost Edition forging event

The forging event, co-hosted by RTFKT and Nike for Dunk Ghost Edition, is live. Participants can access the official platform of RTFKT to participate. The event allows them to leverage their digital collectibles for physical copies of their shoes, provided the collectibles are eligible. The physical copies are in limited quantity and made to demand, with a price of approximately above $222.

RTFKT is promoting the product as a gaming-culture-inspired offering. That is why it comes with interchangeable vial attachments. Making the physical product more interesting is the fact that it comes with a world-merging NFC chip that unleashes a more digital experience for the owner. Interested participants can get their respective products by entering two different phases.

The first phase is Complexcon (IRL) Pre-Sale, starting on November 18, 2023, and ending on November 19, 2023. The second phase is an online release from November 20, 2023. The first drop in the second phase will happen at 11 a.m. EST, and the second drop will happen at 8 p.m. EST. Tickets for phase one are available, and participants can opt to get notified for the following phase.

It is the same for GHOST and VOID, except for the estimated delivery. GHOST will take up to August 2024 to be delivered. By July 2024, VOID will have reached its maximum customer base.

One must note that digital copies are not up for sale in the drop happening at shop.rtfkt.com. RTFKT has only come up with an opportunity to pre-order the Dunk Genesis sneakers. Since it is a made-to-order product, customers must mention their size at the checkout.

RTFKT is delivered only to select countries. Customers are recommended to check their eligibility accordingly. Some of the countries where RTFKT will deliver the experience are Germany, Singapore, Taiwan, Italy, and Romania. Customers participating in this NFT event must confirm that they are not under any sanction by the UN, EU, OFAC, or the UK. Failing to do so will make the transaction void and forfeit refunds.

RTFKT has further shed light on the upcoming experience created in Fortnite. It will come out on November 21, 2023. Early access to Clone X LA will happen on Friday.

What is coming up as a concern for most of the customers is the price. Many anticipated that it could be on the higher side. Hence, they are now tired of being charged more for something. Some of the interested participants were skeptical if the process would involve crypto. That has been clarified by stating that credit cards can be used instead of cryptocurrency or tokens.

Having said that, crypto holders can utilize their ETH holdings with a value that equals $222 or a higher mark, as mentioned on the platform at the checkout. The current price of ETH is $2,040.36 for every US dollar.

Trevor Holman

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