Rubic Joining Arbitrum Odyssey for Upcoming Large-Scale NFT Drop

Rubic recently announced joining the upcoming NFT drop, Arbitrum Odyssey. The venture also released an official post to encourage users to participate.

Arbitrum Odyssey is a high-profile NFT drop event that kicks off at 1:00 pm on June 21st. The 2-month-long event will enable users to access different Arbitrum projects. In return, users will receive rewards like exclusive NFTs throughout the event.

Every week is dedicated to specific projects participating in the event, including onramps, exchanges, and bridges. During the event, users will receive multiple on-chain tasks, which they must complete to earn the rewards. For example, a user can be asked to make a swap on a platform while providing liquidity on another. 

The first week of the event is dedicated to bridges, and Rubic will participate during the period too. This period starts with the event and goes on till June 27th at 12:59 pm EST. According to Arbitrum, the bridge with the most ETH transfers this week will earn the title of the “most popular bridge.”

Thus, users that partake in the bridge will get extra rewards as NFTs. Rubic is inviting more users to participate in the event, which is why the platform has no requirements for users.

They can easily participate by swapping any tokens to ETH on the Arbitrum network using The existing blockchain for the assets does not matter; all that matters is the users choosing Arbitrum during the swap on Rubic.

Even the swap amount has not been specified to make the process simpler. Here is a step-by-step guide to help users complete the transactions.

  1. Open the Rubic app.
  2. Select a token that can be swapped for ETH.
  3. Opt for the Arbitrum network for the transaction.
  4. Connect the wallet to complete the swap.

Once done, users must wait for the results to arrive before earning the additional rewards.

David Cox

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