5x gains in 2024: RWA narrative gets stronger and investors buying this RWA hand over fist

Crypto investors always look for worthy crypto investment opportunities. And utility tokens that solve a real life issue leveraging the blockchain technology while also holding a growth potential make it to the top in the investors’ crypto portfolios. One such token from the RWA sector is becoming talk of the town because of its performance and developments. 

Landshare is a leading platform that offers tokenization of real estate that leverages blockchain technology and offers investments in tokenized real estate. The well-known tokenized real estate platform built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) takes a unique approach towards the real estate sector that focuses on offering features that were never seen before. 

Through tokenization of properties, Landshare ensures high liquidity, fractional ownership and low threshold for investors to get in. The platform has proven its potential by selling four tokenized real estate properties on BSC. 

LAND is the native utility token of Landshare that facilitates governance and transactional purposes. The token price showed a notable performance in the past few months. LAND token recently listed on centralized exchange (CEX) BingX, marking third CEX listing for the token within the past three months. 

Recent listings of the LAND token on three prominent exchanges including MEXC, Bitmart and BingX gives a solid proof of  the token’s legitimacy and increases trust. Exchange listings are known to give credibility and backing to the token resulting in reach to new investors and increased liquidity. It further defines the success of listed tokens and now LAND token is on its way to take advantage of listings. 

rwa narrative gets stronger and investors buying this rwa hand over fist

The listing spread optimism across the community and that reflected in LAND token trading price. Currently the token is trading at $3.1 following an increase of 4% in the last 24 hours. Despite a 25% price dip in the last week, LAND token maintains a significant increase of more than 350% in the yearly time frame. 

land token maintains a significant increase of more than 350

In recent months, the Real World Assets (RWA) narrative has swept through the cryptocurrency market. Even the largest players in the conventional financial industry, like BlackRock, are taking an interest in it, aside from individual investors. Institutions joining the RWA area validate the legitimacy of the industry, and native tokens take use of this potential. 

The token has benefited from the expansion of the cryptocurrency industry since the RWA is a popular story in the industry. Institutions joining the RWA area validate the legitimacy of the industry, and native tokens take use of this potential. During the RWA tokens pump spree, the LAND token continued to be one of the top gainers, recording a whopping 500% increase in just a few days jumping from $1.5 to $7. 

Landshare is growing its offering beyond just selling tokenized real estate to third party tokenization and providing hassle-free debts to property owners looking ro renovation and house-flipping. In addition to these developments over the platform, LAND token is poised to benefit from increasing interest in RWA narrative and exchange listings. 

These factors together play a crucial role in strengthening the position of the LAND token across the mainstream RWA tokens. Based on this, many crypto users see LAND getting listed on Binance in the wake of new changes in listing rules along with the growing hype around the token. This might not only increase the token’s legitimacy at its peak but also LAND token price will be in position to swell up to 1000%. 


The reason behind such huge projections is LAND token being undervalued. Among the other active RWA projects across the crypto space, Landshare is leading as an example of a project with solid fundamentals that provides real life utilities. While the majority of other RWA projects in the sector are only gaining value from the aspiration to make something big in the space, Landshare has shown the practical implementation selling tokenized properties. 

Leading RWA tokens like Ondo (ONDO), Pendle (PENDLE), Centrifuge (CFG), and Realio (RIO) have comparable or higher market caps than $LAND. While each has unique offerings, Landshare stands out with its unique tokenized real estate ecosystem. With a market cap of just $12 million, Landshare appears undervalued.

Ondo (ONDO) provides structured DeFi investments tailored to different risk levels, using strategies to either reduce risk or enhance returns, thus making complex financial options accessible. Centrifuge (CFG) improves DeFi by linking real-world assets (RWAs) to the blockchain, facilitating tokenization and financing without the need for traditional banks.

Realio (RIO) is a notable player in blockchain-based real estate investment. Pendle (PENDLE) also operates in this dynamic sector, bringing its unique approach to the evolving DeFi ecosystem.

realio is another active project in the real estate investment space


The real life value and continuous growth potential makes Landshare stand apart from the competition. Exchange listings expose LAND tokens to more investors that eventually drive more volume and make the project stronger. 

Disclaimer: This article is sponsored content and is not financial advice. CryptoNewsZ does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of the content. Readers should verify information independently and exercise caution when dealing with any mentioned company. Investing in cryptocurrencies is risky, and seeking advice from a qualified professional is recommended.

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