Ryan Tedder on Why NFT is the Next Frontier for Artists

The three-time Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, and producer Ryan Tedder has announced his debut for NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) and will be launching his collection of NFTs with a collaborative drop on April 27th. Believing that the crypto space is the future to empower artists to connect with their fans directly, Ryan Tedder has made this announcement. He prioritizes honoring the good talent and creating space for gifted creators to showcase their talents. He has also been collaborating with a wide range of artists over the years, and the collectible nature of NFTs enables a fan to feel like they own a unique piece of the art. This gives a feeling of having a special connection with the artist himself. Simultaneously, it also allows the creator to connect uniquely with his fans over time.

This also opens up possibilities creating connections between groups of fans which may not have been possible before. Ryan’s passion for modern art meshing, creative innovation, and possibilities for a diverse fan base to engage with the diverse collection of artists was the objective behind moving into the NFT space. Apart from wanting to enter the space, Ryan intends to uplift and turn the limelight to artists and engineers pioneering in this space and give them and their work necessary exposure in the mainstream.

Through NFTs, Ryan Tedder aims to provide an in-person experience for collectors and fans. He is committed to releasing several NFT collections and rope in new creators to engage with fans and collectors in their own unique way.

Roxanne Williams

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