Saakuru Labs and Aethir to improve Blockchain Gaming with GPU Infrastructure

Two leaders in the gaming and AI industries, Saakuru Labs and Aethir, are coming together to develop blockchain technology even further. Through this partnership, developers working on Saakuru-based games will have access to Aethir’s powerful decentralized cloud server technology, which will improve the quality, speed, and overall experience of blockchain games played within the Saakuru Gas-less ecosystem.

With this agreement, Saakuru Labs and Game Developers may take advantage of Aethir’s state-of-the-art decentralized cloud gaming servers. This means that Saakuru ecosystem developers can make and host games with more intricate graphics.

The distributed nature of Aethir will also be a great asset to the gaming industry, as it will allow developers to move forward beyond the limits of traditional hardware and allow users to explore the realms of top-notch gaming without any limitations, regardless of their device’s capacity.

Saakuru’s participation is vital, as the endeavor intends to deliver games supported by blockchain infrastructure that enables instantaneous transactions with minimal latency. The significance of this team of experts’ efforts should not be underestimated, as it advances the boundaries of game development to the extent that interactive, high-quality on-chain games are now a reality despite initial technical limitations.

Aethir has already proven himself to be the leader in transforming distributed computing resources. The project benefits greatly from the strong backing of Web3 investors like Framework Ventures, Merit Circle, and Animoca Brands, who have already invested over $130 million in infrastructure.

Aethir has issued several 71,000 Checker Node licenses, demonstrating its unwavering ambition to penetrate the entire network, enabling the completion of complex tasks like gaming without the need for a centralized computing resource. Already comprising 40,000 high-quality GPUs, this network expansion will enable the computation of GPUs at an extremely high level at any time and in any location on a large scale, with 3,000 of them being NVIDIA H100s.

Saakuru, an L2 protocol that prioritizes the needs and desires of users and features zero transaction fees, was built upon the OP Stack and the delegate model. Saakuru empowers applications to deliver a seamless experience by eliminating gas fees for users. Furthermore, Saakuru is complemented by the Saakuru Developer Suite, which facilitates the integration of intricate digital products onto Web3 within a single day. This tool is a hybrid of Web2 and Web3, as it allows developers to integrate with the Saakuru chain in an easier and cheaper way.

A new blockchain gaming trend is Aethir’s platform integrated with Saakuru’s blockchain, known for free transaction costs and rapid processing. This means that this infrastructure will not only support the requirements of contemporary complex projects, but also serve as a foundation for innovative concepts that will fundamentally transform the way we engage with games in the future.

Saakuru Labs, in pursuit of expanding strategic alliances, will implement a significant evolution to the mission of blockchain gaming, thereby enhancing player engagement and global accessibility. By leveraging Aethir’s GPU network, which spans across millions of computers, Saakuru has the potential to revolutionize the film industry and enter the realm of blockchain-powered entertainment.

Developers and players around the world have higher expectations, and Saakuru and Aethir are working to meet those demands by improving their technology. In the game industry, this kind of collaboration should be the norm because it exemplifies all the benefits of distributed computing.

Roxanne Williams

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