Safcoin Crypto Goes Pink to Lend Support to CANSA For Cancer Awareness

CANSA, the Cancer Association of South Africa, and Safcoin, the African digital currency, have come together to launch the first-ever drive, titled Crypto Pink Friday, for raising cervical cancer and breast cancer awareness as August is considered women’s month. In addition to this awareness drive, CANSA has also unveiled educational programs focussed at reducing cancer risks. Crypto Pink Friday is slated to take place on 30th August 2019, as per the official press release.

On the D-day, the digital currency enthusiasts will be able to enjoy trading fees at half the price while a certain percentage will be given to CANSA as a donation. Apart from that, one can purchase Safcoin or deposit funds on its official website and obtain 50 percent off throughout the Pink Friday drive.

As is already known, CANSA, through its initiatives, encourages cervical cancer and breast cancer screening amongst women. That’s because the most common kind of cancer found in females of South Africa is breast cancer. The lifetime risk for this disease is 1 in 27, as recorded by the 2014 NCR (National Cancer Registry). The next most common after breast cancer is cervical cancer with a lifetime risk of 1 in 42 among SA women. It is also the prime reason for cancer deaths, the report notes.

The researchers have noted that lack of knowledge about the symptoms, along with the stigma, shame, and misconceptions associated with the disease and its screening, particularly cervical cancer, results in delayed screening and care assistance.

Michela Ferreira, the Co-Founder as well as Chief Communications Officer of Safcoin, said regarding the move that rather than opting for a Safcoin airdrop, they opted for such kind of drive because they wanted to come up with something that held much deeper value. With this Friday drive, they are offering mining pool packages at half-price deals and donating 10 percent of all the sales to the Cancer Association, said Ferreira.

Continuing further, Ferreira said mining of Safcoin has now become popular. Moreover, mining can be done by any individual without any prior experience or requirement of costly equipment. Interestingly, Safcoin has hundred mining pool packages that are available at half-price deals for the drive.

Ferreira also highlighted how their crypto aims to explore the ways through which cryptocurrency can positively influence Africa. He clarified that they have no intention of overthrowing the current financial system, although they want to build use case technologies for each individual in Africa to gain from the crypto’s positives. They wish to achieve this while keeping their business ethics at the highest level, added Ferreira.

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