SafeGram: Crypto-to-Fiat Bridge that Makes Off-Ramping Easier!

The concept of off-ramping from crypto-to-fiat is not new, and investors are doing that regularly. They need to do it for convenience, whether to pay their utility bills, pay their taxes, or whatever the case may be. Even in the fast-paced, innovative world that is crypto, however, not a single project addresses the issues surrounding crypto-to-fiat exchanges appropriately. SafeGram is changing all of that.

The majority of existing crypto-to-fiat solutions that exist at present often come with two distinct trade-offs crypto users don’t like to think about but ultimately have to deal with.

First, and this is particularly true if you’re off ramping a large amount of money, many crypto-to-fiat off-ramping solutions can’t help you complete your transfers on the day you want to execute them. You need to meet KYC and AML requirements to execute such transactions. SafeGram only uses KYC/AML procedures to verify the sender’s identity through Blockpass, not to exploit anyone.

Secondly, users need to exchange their crypto into fiat, pay service fees, and withdraw money to their bank accounts. This takes several business days and can cost a lot of money because services often charge a greater spread if you’re offloading a large amount.

SafeGram Makes Same-Day Transfers the New Industry Standard

SafeGram allows you to take funds you may be holding on various blockchains and DeFi platforms and transfer them back through the traditional financial system. The project is offering such capabilities in no fewer than 120 different countries. 

That means traditional money services businesses like Western Union, which earn big profits in developing nations because of the remittance fees they charge to customers (sometimes more than 10% on a transaction, believe it or not), are in trouble.

SafeGram is a safe and secure way to transfer value from the blockchain to fiat currency on a one-to-one basis worldwide with ultra-low fees.

SafeGram’s Suite of Products Makes Crypto to Fiat Bridging a Breeze

SafeGram’s value proposition is clear and will make waves in the crypto world. With so much promise and so many great services to offer, it’s easy to forget that the project only launched at the beginning of last year. 

Since that time, the team at SafeGram has demonstrated an incredible amount of dedication to achieving every milestone set out on its roadmap. The best part is that the project is also committing to offering a launchpad to innovators in the space who have great ideas for advancing the crypto industry. That’s just one of the products offered by SafeGram, and the other two are also game-changers. 

Changing The Game of Remittances Forever

SafeGram is committed to changing the game of remittances for businesses and individuals forever. It’s time to stop worrying about payments and start spending more time focusing on the business side of things. In maintaining its dedication to doing just this, SafeGram offers multiple products and pools dedicated to helping our end-users accomplish their own goals.

The $GRAM Token

Users who commit to owning and spending more $GRAM tokens get access to higher service levels at SafeGram. This means they can get a level of service that meets their needs, but they also avoid paying for things they don’t need. That’s what any blockchain project should be about—empowering the end-user. Isn’t that, right?


SafeDex is SafeGram’s decentralized exchange. It offers privacy on a level that even centralized exchanges only wish they could provide to the end-user. Paying smart contract fees to use a decentralized exchange can make it prohibitively expensive for a small business. That’s why $GRAM token holders willing to stake their assets enjoy the benefits of paying no fees at all.

They can say goodbye to watching their crypto savings be eaten away by other competing decentralized exchanges that don’t provide any fee-driven kickback in exchange for staking.

Self-Funding and ILP Pools

SafeGram’s technology enables the project to offer users something most decentralized exchanges won’t. We’re talking about revolutionary stuff here. Specifically, the VIP Self-Funding Pool and the Loss Proof Pools incentivize users to lock up partner tokens while allowing partner projects to promote their decentralized pools easily. SafeGram’s suite of pool products is a win-win for everyone involved.

The SafeGram Launchpad: SelfStarter

Launchpads help get viable crypto projects off the ground with the funding they need. SelfStarter employs a hybrid approach to raising funds. That means $GRAM holders need to stake a high level of tokens to access top-level projects. Tokens from partners will also need to be staked to participate in partner-related launches.

SelfStarter is also dedicated to making room for those who don’t have large funds to stake. Users will be able to purchase small allocations in projects without having to stake tokens.

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