Safemoon V2 (SFM), Shiba Predator (QOM) & RoboApe (RBA): The Meme Coins Taking Over the Crypto Space

Meme Coins are crypto-assets created from internet-based memes. Just like the literal meaning implies, these coins are humorous and give a light feel to the cryptocurrency market. However, following the creation of DogeCoin in 2013 from a meme, the crypto space has seen the birth of several others. RoboApe is also a meme coin, but its amazing feature makes it stand out from all other meme coins.

The United States inflation is at a 40-year high, and inflationary coins no longer work for this economic condition, thus creating deflationary coins. The idea behind deflationary coins is that reducing the supply of these coins will subsequently lead to an increase in their value. However, RoboApe is both a meme coin and a deflationary coin. 

RBA is inspired by Apes and Robots, which features this cryptocurrency as a meme coin. Also, this coin is community-driven, and it’s without leadership allocation. This is because the creators of this coin are trying to ensure equality and prevent the centralization of team members. 

Safemoon is a Decentralized Finance token whose main goal is to perform three functions during each trade. These functions include – LP Acquisition, Burn, and Reflection. Also, this token operates a reflecting mechanism that adds incentive for safemoon holders. This reflection mechanism ensures that this token’s holders hold the token for longer.

RoboApe aims to accomplish objectives that DeFi and DAO protocols could not previously achieve. RBA, however, aims to achieve this through its completely community-driven ecosystem for entertainment, providing several opportunities for generating finance. 

RoboApe (RBA)

Meme Coins constitute the most recent representation of communication. Knowing this and taking full advantage, the creators of RBA have been able to appeal to the modern tastes of Gen-Z and Millennials.

How Will RoboApe (RBA) Surpass Shiba Predator (QOM) in the Crypto Space?

Shiba Predator is a community-driven and Decentralized Finance coin with the main aim of flipping the Shiba coin market cap. Also, it is 100% community engaging, meaning everyone involved puts in the work. However, QOM can be traded on Uniswap (V2), BitMart, and BKEX. 

RBA aims to create a meme coin that gives back more than it takes. Also, the RoboApe Coin comes with an exceptional utility that is well-established. This coin aims to create a blockchain venture. However, the RBA community aims to develop a crypto-centric technology while striving to achieve RoboApe’s success. 

Asides from the trading, selling, and holding features that come with this coin, the coin’s creators will also establish an academy for its users. Also, developers of this blockchain recognize the importance of information. However, in a bid to provide its users with comprehensive, accessible, and trustworthy information, the RoboApe Academy was born. This academy is not just accessible to investors or cryptocurrency specialists alone but also to newcomers in the crypto space.

The RoboApe platform will incorporate the RBA NFT marketplace. This NFT marketplace will allow users to buy and sell NFTs. Also, this NFT marketplace would include an RBA gas fee for minting NFT pieces via the new smart contract. However, incorporating NFTs into the RoboApe network shows relevance and understanding of the crypto world’s current market.

The RoboApe ecosystem will come with an eSports community. Also, community sports contests are held with stakeholders participating and interacting. This will further push the community-driven ideology of this coin. 

In addition, to tackle scams and fraud in the crypto space, RoboApe comes with a liquidity pool. This liquidity pool is designed to help make purchasing and selling of cryptocurrency quick and straightforward.

The RBA platform is a community-driven coin created by team members and users. This platform is all-inclusive and promotes equality. If it manages to deliver on the prospects listed in its whitepaper, it could be a great option for the future.

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