SafeTech Acquires Comet Browser Extension and CometVerse


Serving the crypto community with its world-class blockchain solutions, SafeTech has announced the news about it entering into an acquisition agreement with curators of Comet, Totient Labs, to acquire the Comet Browser Extension and CometVerse.

The collaboration between the two globally acclaimed entities will pave the way for enhanced user experience on the Safe Haven network as SafeTech is the sole provider of the technology and patents provided to Safe Haven for the execution of business operations.

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Comet serves as a revolutionary wallet solution that owns the trust of huge customer base hailing from across the world. It works within the VeChain ecosystem and is quite popular for offering secure, transparent, seamless, and easily operable wallet interface to its users worldwide.

Last year in the month of October, Totient Labs took the VeChain team in a blow by announcing the abrupt halting of VeChain blockchain explorer and Ledger wallet interface. The lack of interest shown by the VeChain Foundation to support Totient’s plans was the reason behind the sudden discontinuation as cited by the firm. The unwelcoming step taken by the Totient community triggered a sense of uncertainty amid the DApps concerning the signature of transactions on the blockchain network.

However, with SafeTech getting hold of Comet, the Safe Haven network is likely to grow in efficiency as well as a number by making the platform accessible to all. It is anticipated that the Comet Browser Extension shall be made open-source, making it approachable for the community in general. It is likely to open room for improvements and guidance from the community members. On the other hand, CometVerse takes pride in being the first marketplace available on the VeChain network. The Comet NFT marketplace houses an estimated 100K USD worth of local assets. The new integration will help in the proliferation of the CometVerse marketspace on the VeChain network as well as on other blockchain networks. Speculations suggest that CometVerse will add support to SHA token in the near future.

The acquisition of Comet will play a major role in limiting Safe Haven’s third-party dependence for a decentralized wallet system. It has also taken the Safe Haven team a little closer to its aim of offering a complete suite of asset management products. The full turnover and updates are likely to be unveiled within the next 30 days span if everything falls as per the plan and no unforeseen mishappening occurs suddenly.

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