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Samsung announces partnership with Polygon streaming app, SAVAGE

Samsung announces partnership with Polygon streaming app, SAVAGE

SAVAGE, the streaming app by Polygon, recently announced a partnership with Samsung. The platform released an official tweet to inform users about the collaboration.

With the integration, Samsung has gained the ability to propose high-quality videos and photos to Web3 users. According to the tweet by SAVAGE, the Smart TV app enables simple IRL display connectivity. 

In addition, it lets users access top-quality uploads from any marketplace. These uploads can go up to 8K, as mentioned by SAVAGE in their latest post. On the other hand, SAVAGE will gain access to Samsung’s global audience.

It has only been months since Samsung extended its partnership with Google to improve smart-home experiences. As the household name in the electronics and technology domains, Samsung has been establishing partnerships to elevate its market status.

Its collaboration with Google allows Samsung mobile and tablet consumers to onboard Matter-compatible devices. Currently, smart homeowners face several challenges while using the devices across multiple ecosystems.

The new functionality will make linking easier and let users automate or take control of a particular device. Google and Samsung are working on multi-admin, making it easy for customers to find, choose, connect, and manage devices through the Google Home or SmartThings apps on Android.

The collaboration also allows Google to explore new opportunities due to Samsung’s status as the largest Android developer. The company is proud of its partnerships because they help them give users more freedom, like with the multi-admin feature.

Polygon users have expressed excitement about the collaboration with SAVAGE on Twitter. The involvement of names like 8K Association, Polygon, and Samsung gives high hopes to stakeholders, users, and every other party.

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