Samsung Blockchain Wallet Adds PlayDapp Token as a Payment Token

Samsung blockchain wallet adds PlayDapp token as a payment token and you can purchase the same from Upbit. As you must be aware, the Samsung blockchain wallet is a digital wallet from Samsung Electronics, one of the largest mobile phone makers.

The inclusion of the PlayDapp token was announced by PlayDapp in a tweet today. They added that such integration would make it easier to track and use the PlayDapp token across their ecosystem.

Also, according to PlayDapp, it is an excellent development after their listing on UpBit.

PlayDapp (PLA) Token

The good thing about PlayDapp users is that they will get the opportunity of using the Samsung dApps services by utilizing PLA token.

A PlayDapp token is a form of digital asset utilized within the gaming ecosystem of PlayDapp blockchain for purchasing and trading NFT items inside the games. It can also be used with’s global C2C market place.

More About PlayDapp

PlayDapp focuses on transforming game users into blockchain gaming users through the use of the PlayDapp service platform. To accomplish this task, PlayDapp offers PG solutions for playing games with the need to have cryptocurrency. PlayDapp will be providing different game dApps and blockchain networks so that more number of users can play their favorite games on their PlayDapp service platform and eventually turn into crypto gaming users. You can visit our page to get more details about crypto games sites.

PlayDapp’s mission and vision are to create an environment where digital assets become much more valuable and accessible to everyone.

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