Samsung Collaborates with Uppsala Security

The prolonged and widespread lockdowns have almost forced everyone to go digital, and this seems to be a boon for the businesses which provide services that are largely electronic-based. The tech-savvy masses can now totally enjoy digital transactions with a sense of maximum possible safety with the Samsung Blockchain Wallet.

While the year has been largely about all the saddening news, this can trigger a bit of cheery vibe among the Samsung users. Notably, Samsung, one of the topmost electronic companies in the world, is consolidating its initiative towards blockchain wallet space, and it is nothing less than a milestone for the blockchain space as well as for the electronic giant.

Samsung is the firm that solidly believes in the assurance of its userbase’s security. The tech giant has recently joined hands with Uppsala Security. This major step is going to consolidate Samsung’s stance regarding the safety and security of its customers. Lately, Uppsala Security has announced the same on its Twitter handle.

Uppsala Security is a leading name when it comes to the security zone. It has inked a ‘Business Service Partnership’ contract with Samsung Electronics. Uppsala Security possesses more than 50 Million accumulated cryptocurrency security indicators as of now, which it uses to combat hacking and theft attempts. Also, it has dealt with more than 100 crypto scamming/hacking cases. Uppsala Security serves both end-users and companies with the utmost efficiency. Uppsala utilizes ’Digital Asset Tracking Services’ proving efficiency.

Uppsala Security that holds a headquarter in Singapore, has been operating branches in Seoul, South Korea, and Tokyo, Japan. Uppsala helps those who have fall prey to hacking incidents using a tracking report. In certain cases, it also offers help for judicial documentation that can be referenced as legal evidence to law enforcement agencies.

As far as Samsung’s Blockchain Wallet is concerned, Uppsala will help the consumer if a scam or hack occurs, causing a loss of digital assets. Here, a user needs to report the scam, which will be received by Global Crypto Incident Response Center (CIRC). Here, Uppsala will get into the picture by providing an analyzed report of the hacking/theft incident. This can be considered as evidence to law enforcement agencies.

Ruti Vora

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