Samsung Launches New Devices in Collaboration with Theta NFTs

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Theta NFTs Release With Samsung Devices

In a recent launch event organized by Samsung Electronics, the company revealed that it has come up with two flagship products, namely the Samsung S22 and Tab S8. The event was hosted by Shinwoo Lee, the Director of Samsung Electronics.

These flagship products have been launched with an exclusive benefit in collaboration with Theta NFTs. Shinwoo Lee highlighted that it was practical to communicate with customers through an NFT.

The celebration followed the announcement that Theta Labs had made on February 16, 2022.

Both Samsung and Theta Labs have collaborated in the past as well. The recent collaboration is unique as it highlights the global acceptance of Theta NFTs. It was a thrilling experience for Theta Labs first to announce the collaboration with Samsung Electronics.

Theta Labs had said that it was excited to power the NFT digital collectibles as Samsung ventured into the phase of coming up with the Samsung S22 and Tab S8.

Some members have noted that they are not eligible to claim a free NFT or other benefits as the offer had always been only for those who were the first to register for Samsung S22 and Tab S8 during its pre-booking pre-ordering time.

Those who did register on ThetaDrop are now eligible to claim their respective free NFTs.

Customers had to verify a code received through their Samsung Members app. Upon verification, customers were given an unopened NFT box that could be unlocked after the pre-book or pre-offer period ended.

Every art element offered to customers has been created out of random computer-generated elements.

The launch of Samsung’s flagship devices marks a significant milestone, similar to the collaboration announced by Theta Labs.

Samsung’s campaign process was unique to a lot of extents. It was divided into three steps. Customers first had to participate in the pre-order event and then wait for the launch of the products. Once they had bought their devices, it was set to claim the NFT box and mint an NFT to finally unbox the much-awaited present.

Theta Labs stood firm in the collaboration by making valuable contributions to the development of both products. As shared by Shinwoo Lee, Theta Labs assisted the company with a much simpler User Experience or User Interface.

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