$Sand Gets Listed At Next Generation Digital Assets Exchange LCX

The Sandbox has finally made the much-awaited announcement of adding $Sand to the list of compliant and regulated LCX exchanges for the purchase, sale, transfer, and storage of the digital currency. Traders can now take part in the instant exchange of SAND tokens through their LCX accounts. Since 12th April 2021, the two tokens that have been made available through the listing include SAND/LCX and SAND/USDC.

After being listed at LCX, $SAND is also set to be listed at Coinone, one of the top crypto exchanges of South Korea. The trading pair SAND/KRW has now been made available for trading and investment for the traders registered at Coinone. At Coinone, the Sandbox users can conduct trading in $SAND and other cryptocurrencies most securely and at low margin lending and trading fees.

The Sandbox is gearing up to construct a unique and virtual space to provide every player with a platform for the players to develop, own, and finance their own gaming experiences by the development of $SAND token and other non-fungible tokens. The primary utility token of the forum is $SAND, which serves as the basis of the exchanges and interactions at the platform and enables the players to play, possess, supervise, and earn through trading at the platform.

Established in 2018, the Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange (LCX) offers a highly advanced, compliant, and regulated platform for engaging in the trade of a variety of cryptocurrency assets. The platform is registered with eight cryptocurrency organizations that ensure the security of the exchange forum. LCX is a fintech organization that works on the tokenization of crypto assets, deals with security token offerings and utilities, and offers a host of advanced tools for trading in cryptocurrencies. The native token of the platform is $SAND. It is an ERC-20 token that is driven by Ethereum Blockchain technology. The token is renowned for its divisible, fungible, and replaceable nature that enables it to drive the metaverse space of the well-known The Sandbox game.

Scott Cook

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