Sandbox Introduces New NFT Collections of Shoes

Sandbox has now successfully entered into NFT by introducing the NFT shoe collection. It has partnered with Meet Tempel Tuttle Footwear, a popular brand offering digital footwear, and is creating the very first Metaverse game called Shoemaker Crater: The Search for the Lost Sole, and it will be released at the platform exclusive of The Sandbox.

On 8th January, upcoming and registered players will be able to get access to the collection in Shoemaker Crater. The collection will have puzzles, along with monsters to fight and searching pair of shoes just after the comet struck. On completing the quest, there will be 400 winners who will receive pair of airdropped limited-edition boots, which is only available on the platform. The airdropped pairs will be injected directly into the wallets of winners once The Sandbox ecosystem migrates to the network of Polygon.

About Tempel Tuttle Footwear

The Tempel Tuttle Footwear is one of the leading casual digital footwear companies created back in 2021. Presently exist only in Metaverse platforms. There are different options for users to wear, including the wearable avatar, The Sandbox, and Metaverse. Tempel Tuttle is aiming to become the leading digital footwear company for casual wear in Web3. There are no physical stores at present of the brand.

NFT Footwear by other Brands


Nike, the apparel giant, earlier announced the acquiring of RTFKT Studios. RTFKT claimed its collab with FEWOCIOUS, the teenage artist for selling their sneakers through Virtual. Within six minutes of going live, the brand sold 600 pairs of sneakers in NFT, minting over $3.1 million. Nike, along with RTFKT Studios, has jumped into the bandwagon, offering sneakers with unique designs and quality endorsement deals.

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