Sats Mode Has Arrived on Okcoin Exchange

Okcoin is the first and only U.S. licensed crypto exchange to launch Sats Mode, a novel, decimal-free way to manage your bitcoin, grow the stack, and enjoy breakthroughs.

What is Sats Mode?

One satoshi, often known as a sat, is one hundred millionth of a bitcoin, making it the tiniest bitcoin unit.

With the growth in the price of BTC, pricing products in sats is becoming more valuable. When employing whole numbers rather than decimals, Sats transactions are easier to understand.

Here are some reasons why you should try Sats Mode:

  1. It facilitates switching from BTC to Sats simple
  2. It is a simple and easy method to track bitcoin holdings
  3. Because of Okcoin’s Lightning integration, it will soon be straightforward to use bitcoin for tiny payments

As the bitcoin price rises, Okcoin won’t utilize decimals indefinitely. Therefore they created a visual identity appropriate for this glimpse into the future of bitcoin and a clean user experience. Users will be brought via a gateway into dark mode and have more views of bitcoin, including milestones for sats, after switching to sats in the app. Get more details about the crypto exchanges in Indonesia by visiting here.

Know something about the sats symbol’s origins

Sats, like dollar figures, required a symbol. Therefore Okcoin created a new sats symbol in collaboration with a member of the Bitcoin Design community to give sats a distinct visual identity.

Sats Mode isn’t just a fun method to keep track of your stack; it’s also a terrific way to build it up. According to the latest Okcoin review, Okcoin created milestones and exciting animations to help you follow the progress of your bitcoin holdings, from your first million sats to a whole bitcoin, keeping every single one of their customers to be a sats millionaire. The crypto exchange is trusted by many of the users.

According to Bakkt’s research, more than 40% of America’s population is unaware that they can buy a fraction of a bitcoin. Their objective is that by being early adopters of sats, they can demonstrate that one can start in a small way and still be part of the world’s most potent monetary network.

This is only the commencement. User experience will continue to improve and evolve, so give it a shot.

Scott Cook

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