Sãu Paulo Adopts Blockchain Registry for Public Works Management

With the growing proliferation of cryptocurrency in the financial world, the leaders from different spheres and fields have finally started showing trust in digital currency.

The recent collaboration of the municipal government of São Paulo, Brazil, with a blockchain network to maintain its public works projects has further strengthened the span of decentralized platforms.

According to the news, the prestigious Municipal Secretariat of Urban Infrastructure and Works teamed-up with the blockchain company Construtivo to device a decentralized solution for them that will make maintenance of public works record easier and accountable.

A Remedy to Prior Inefficiencies

“It is imperative that data from all construction work assets in the city of São Paulo or from ongoing projects be available online to any decision-maker. Process and document management takes place in real-time from anywhere,” said Marcus Granadeiro, the notable President of Construtivo. The spearhead is confident that the new blockchain network will help the concerned stakeholders in having proper access to the project-centered data and information.

The primary reason for the enforcement of the blockchain solution is the failure of the earlier projects which led to the closure of bridges, roads, etc., irrespective of the fact that these projects too involved a heavy amount of public money in the construction.

Granadeiro opined that the decentralized technology for maintenance of public works projects would give them a fair chance to recognize any potential source of a probable problem which might pop up after the completion of the concerned project. He feels that the blockchain technology provides fixed records of all relevant information.

Using Blockchain in Public Administration by Governments

The use of the blockchain-based network in public administration works by different government arms has found its wide-scale usage in Brazil and some other countries. Industry experts like Learn 2 Trade believe that this move by the municipal government of São Paulo will help further boost the adoption of blockchain technology.

To exploit the use of latest technologies like blockchain, the Brazilian federal government is planning to constitute a draft bill that will render all the arms of local public administration offices to employ new technologies in its work pedagogy.

Earlier in August, Maharashtra, India’s second-largest state started preparing a regulatory sandbox in its attempt to put blockchain network at test in its various applications. The concerned government planned to use decentralized technology in different spheres, namely, supply chains, marketing in agriculture, vehicle registration, and in management of documents.

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