SAVAGE announces integration with Samsung

SAVAGE has announced its integration with Samsung. The development marks a pivotal moment for the video marketplace that has been built on Polygon. It now comes pre-loaded on over 30 million Samsung QLED TVs across the world, allowing users to experience 8K resolution like never before. Additionally, it represents a significant advancement in the Web3 ecosystem because Savage exemplifies what Web3 is capable of when properly integrated by influential players in the sector.

Boosting 8K resolution for millions of users takes Savage a step closer to achieving the objective of constructing the future of an economy. The space is powered by cutting-edge tools, with the Web3-enabled streaming app leading to Samsung TV’s enhanced content streaming.

It further helps Savage advertise the content better. Samsung will allow Savage to leverage the functionality of Samsung Highlights. Currently, in beta, Samsung Highlights is a new short form of video app that delivers content to users directly on their lock screen. Gaining access to Highlights helps Savage advertise its content on the platform. This has been identified as something unique, something that Web2 has lacked in its list of offerings.

Web3 is known to boost crypto and digital ownership. Savage has plans on a similar line: first, to put up a single-click login feature and then list SAVG as one of the payment methods. Also, the platform will integrate custom rights-managed licenses into the metadata of their non-fungible tokens.

The simplicity of a single-click login can be accessed by creating an account with Polygon and MoonPay. Once registered, the line-up of content will open up for purchase with SAVG and other methods like debit and credit cards. Savage has expressed its commitment to keeping things seamless for a better UX, making it easier for them to familiarize themselves with how the platform works.

Announcing SAVG to be the native token and clarifying that it will drive the economy of the platform has boosted its prices. The token has been up by 60.33% in the last 24 hours and is listed at $0.001144 at the time of writing this article. Savage has confirmed that the token has been rebuilt from the ground specifically to ensure it supports the scalability needs of the new creator economy.

SAVG will serve the purpose of currency conversions, marketplace fees, and priority placement on devices, to mention a few.

Built on Polygon, the current partnership with Samsung takes Savage one step ahead in the process of expanding its ecosystem. It marks a journey from being a smart TV app to a new mobile-integrated app where users can seamlessly onboard the Web3 sphere, access every functionality conveniently, and not feel the difference—except in video quality—since Savage is committed to bringing 8K to the world.

That said, Samsung Highlights is available for users to download.

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