Savage Signs Paul Nicklen in a Project

The photography and video NFT marketplace ‘SAVAGE’ has signed legendary photographer and videographer Paul Nicklen as a contributor and advisor to the project. 

Paul is a Canadian filmmaker, marine biologist, & photographer who has worked for 20 years and documented the beauty of Earth and lives a life of art, adventure, & purpose while being an advocate for conservation efforts.

Having served as an assignment photographer for Sony Artisan of Imagery & National Geographic magazine, Paul has captured the global audience’s imagination with his creative work. He is one of the world’s most recognized polar specialists and conservationists.

Despite having petabytes of 8K video footage, Nicklen has stayed away from the NFT space until now. Why?

The negative environmental impact of NFTs has been incompatible with his values and his efforts to conserve nature, particularly in the polar regions of the planet.

According to Memo Atken’s research, the carbon footprint of an average single-edition NFT is equivalent to driving a petrol car for 1,000 km. Additionally, one researched artist minted an NFT collection that, over 6 months, had a carbon footprint of 260 megawatt hours. That is equivalent to powering the average home in the EU for 77 years!

And so, the NFT photo and video platform ‘SAVAGE’ has entered the space in partnership with Polygon Studios, the Crypto Climate Accord, and EnergyWeb, to create a decentralized app that leaves no carbon footprint. 

Leveraging the power of Polygon’s Proof of Stake consensus blockchain, with the support and guidance of Crypto Climate Accord. And, EnergyWeb to manage carbon offsets, the team at SAVAGE has created the world’s first carbon-neutral NFT marketplace for 8K video and the highest resolution photography from the best content creators in the world.

For more information about Paul Nicklen and Sea Legacy, check out his announcement on Instagram here. To follow the development of the SAVAGE NFT marketplace, you can speak with the team directly on Discord, Telegram, Instagram, or Twitter

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