Saxo Sees Dip In December FX Demand, Equities Soar 49%

The trading numbers for Equities and Foreign Exchange are out. Saxo Bank has published them, enabling everyone to access data at their convenience.

It does not look good for Foreign Exchange. A downward trend is worrisome. One can deal with the monthly downfall, but a Year-on-Year fall creates a negative situation. Equities, on the other hand, witnessed an increasing trend in the market.

In general, the figures of Foreign Exchange for December 2021 are the lowest for the entire year.

The Fall In Foreign Exchange Demand

Saxo Bank has recorded the lowest figures for Foreign Exchange. The figures relate to December 2021. When compared with the entire month, then the numbers don’t look impressive.

The same case applies when one compares the number on a monthly basis with November 2021.

The total trading volume of Foreign Exchange for November 2021 stood at $99.2 billion with a daily average of $4.5 billion.

Graph for the next month, that is, December 2021, paints a dark picture. Lines fall on both axes. Saxo Bank recorded the total trading volume of Foreign Exchange for December 2021 as $95.7 billion. The daily average mark stood at $4.2 billion.

The total trading volume of Foreign Exchange, in terms of percentage, was declining 3.5%. Experts speak their minds by saying that while the Month-on-Month decline was justified, the Year-on-Year decline was a worrisome situation.

A Month-to-Month decline is often caused by the industries due to a temporary cyclical trend. This can not be said about a yearly decline.

Figures for December 2021 are being said to be the lowest for the entire year. With a Year-on-Year drop of 25%, the value of total trading volume closed at $128.1 billion.

The Rise In Equities Demand

Equities painted a rather brighter picture in the market. They witnessed a rise of 49% on a Month-on-Month basis.

The total monthly volume for December 2021 was recorded as $233 billion.

An increase was also recorded in the Year-on-Year trend of demand for Equities. It was registered by Saxo Bank at 153.8% in its report.

It was a mix of two different emotions for Commodities. Saxo Bank, in its report, highlighted that even though the demand for Commodities declined in December 2021 by 15%, the number remained flat at $6.8 billion.

Commodities experienced an increase of 23.6% in their Month-on-Month numbers and an increase of 42% in their Year-on-Year numbers.

Overall, the demand for Equities remained on a greener side in the market despite Commodities experiencing slight fluctuation.

Cryptocurrency products were launched by Saxo Bank in May 2021. It targeted the markets of Australia and Singapore. The launch worked out for the best, as its Cryptocurrency products have generated $2.5 billion in turnover as of October 2021.

The latest figures for the Cryptocurrency products of Saxo Bank are yet to be published. Meanwhile, you can checkout our comprehensive guide of Saxo Bank review to gain a better understanding of it.

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