sayBLOWE to Create Hip Hop NFTs via Chainlink Oracle Network

The year has been amazing for NFTs with multiple project engagements, and it keeps on getting better. sayBLOWE, the well-known blockchain platform, recently announced using Chainlink Oracle Network to create Hip Hop-related NFTs.

The NFTs will be released on sayBLOWE’s new platform and are sure to generate a global buzz. The non-fungible tokens will tokenize famous Hip Hop artists’ work. Their value will be decided by the artists’ careers and additional data provided by Oracles.

The collaboration will see the merge of blockchain, NFT, and Hip Hop, marking a new chapter in the history books. Hip Hop is already a popular phenomenon globally, and its accumulation with next-gen techs like blockchain and NFT will benefit all three industries.

The potential presented by the collaboration is surreal. To unleash its optimal potency, sayBLOWE has decided to use the Oracle Network by Chainlink. The creation will match Hip Hop’s renowned artists with ERC-721 NFTs. Every non-fungible token will accurately represent the artists’ success or failure.

Chainlink Oracle Network’s involvement in the matter is pivotal since it establishes the connection between NFTs and esteemed external databases. The need cannot be fulfilled with blockchain alone due to its inability to interact with external sources.

Every musician’s score will be live on the network and directly correlated with their NFT. Meaning, a major hit in the real world will increase an artist’s NFT value and vice-versa.

The current Oracle infrastructure is designed to retrieve data from multiple sources. It can seamlessly transfer the data to a blockchain network, ensuring the value represented by every NFT is precise. If everything works out, the platform will end up redefining the modern art culture indefinitely.


NFTs have experienced major changes in 2021, and sayBLOWE will take the trend even further. The blockchain-based platform recently announced a platform where real-life Hip Hop artists’ NFTs will be prepared. sayBLOWE will be using Chainlink Oracle Network to get secure and precise data for the platform. If the initiative turns out well, it can revolutionize both industries forever.

Trevor Holman

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