SBI Digital Asset Holdings and Chiliz to launch Fan Tokens in Japan

SBI Digital Asset Holdings Co., Ltd., the asset branch of SBI Holdings, has revealed a collaboration with Chiliz, a well-known blockchain provider in the sports and entertainment industries, to establish a joint venture in Japan. It is believed that this partnership will enhance the sports fan experience in Japan. Through this alliance, fans now have the chance to own tokens from football clubs worldwide, such as Arsenal, Manchester City, AC Milan, Inter Milan, FC Barcelona, and Paris Saint-Germain., affiliated with the Chiliz Group, has a user base of over two million fans. It serves as a web wallet and platform for fan engagement. They have introduced more than 70 fan tokens through partnerships with sports entities, resulting in an impressive daily engagement of over 250,000.

This collaboration signifies a step in merging technology with fan communities. Through this endeavor, Japanese fans will now enjoy opportunities to acquire and trade fan tokens for their clubs. It will also present fans with a chance to engage in supporting their teams like never before. These digital tokens provide sports fans with the chance to participate in decisions that cater to their interests, enjoy perks, and connect with fans worldwide.
The SBI group’s support for this collaboration allows Japanese fans to join the global fan community. With a customer base of over 50 million, SBI is well-equipped to offer support in this venture.

Also, SBI DAH will be an active participant in the Chiliz Web3 ecosystem’s governance as a node operator on the Chiliz Chain. Enthusiasts and brands in the sports and entertainment industries highly regard the Chiliz Chain as a leading protocol. It provides a platform for communities to develop web-based solutions.

Fernando Luis Vázquez Cao, CEO of SBI DAH, expressed enthusiasm about partnering with Chiliz, emphasizing their shared vision for technological advancement. He emphasized how technology can enrich and add value to SBI DAH communities. Cao states that a partnership between SBI DAH and Chiliz aims to revolutionize community participation in sports and entertainment by leveraging Web3 technology and financial resources.

Chiliz’s chief executive officer, Alexandre Dreyfus, was equally ecstatic to partner with SBI Digital Asset Holdings in the development of the Chiliz Chain, which will serve as the blockchain for entertainment and sports in Japan. These resources are going to empower developers to shape the future of sports entertainment brands, ushering in an era of sports entertainment experience, stated Dreyfus.

The upcoming collaboration with the SBI DAH team holds promise as it strives to create unique fan experiences both locally in Japan and globally. The Fan Tokens from Chiliz have attracted a lot of interest, with trading volumes exceeding US$300 million within a day. The tokens will also be available for purchase on 21 exchanges, some of which are globally recognized platforms.

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