Science Blockchain Conducts Portfolio Token Distribution for SCI2 Token Holders

US-based incubator, Science Blockchain has broadcasted the news of the distribution of its existing portfolio tokens, initially held on Tokenhub, and new portfolio tokens directly to the registered wallets of SCI2 token holders’.

Science Blockchain is a leading platform that aids in sponsoring and development of leading blockchain-based companies. As per the announcement the company has completed the distributions of SpringRole (SPRING), additional Mainframe (MFT), and WePower (WPR) tokens, the first-ever distribution of VideoCoin (VID) tokens along with the tokens that were previously held on Tokenhub. These tokens were given to the SCI2 token holders through several token distribution events. The portfolio company tokens that were held on Tokenhub initially included ICO Watchdog (DOG), SpringRole’s invite token (INVITE), Polyswarm (NCT), Aventus (AVT), WePower (WPR) and Mainframe (MFT).

The previously held tokens on Tokenhub along with new tokens were only distributed to the token holders who had completed the token upgrade process successfully and also hold SCI2 tokens in their registered wallets. The token disbursement was based on the snapshot of the SCI2 tokens taken after the most recent token upgrade as well as SCI2 token issuance from the treasury to the registered wallets.

Mainframe serves as a decentralized communications network impervious to surveillance, disruption, and censorship. It is studded with features that allow the platform to send data, store files, coordinate payments, run tasks, and more. The five core principles working as a base for the network operation include encryption, dark routing, peer-to-peer architecture, incentivization, and interoperability. The distribution of the MFT token was the third edition. Also, earlier the network found its mention in Forbes describing it as a blockchain startup transforming the communication process.

Working as a mediator between the energy buyers and the green energy producers, WePower is a notable blockchain-operated green energy trading platform.  It enables developers to raise capital by selling the energy output in the form of tradeable smart contracts. Forbes mentioned about WePower network in a write-up about firms ‘leveraging blockchain for renewable energy.’ It was the third distribution of the WPR token.

SpringRole is the first network that helps in countering fraud from user profiles. It is backed by artificial intelligence and blockchain terminology. The smart contracts and blockchain allows verification of work experience and reputation, reward endorsers, and get users’ endorsements exterior to their network. In May, SpringRole grabbed a spot in the top 5 products of the day on Product Hunt.

The VideoCoin Network is a decentralized network that accepts VID tokens to foster live streaming of real video streams on the platform. It helps in encoding, storage, and content distribution that transform all cloud-based video services into an efficient algorithmic market operating on a new blockchain. The network aspires to involve in token distribution on a quarterly basis post the release of its first presale token distribution.

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