Script Network announces forming partnership with Bitgert

Script Network is delighted and officially announces that it has formed a partnership with Bitgert that will benefit both companies. After that, they will combine their different areas of expertise to create an incentivized model that will benefit all connected users in both ecosystems. They will also continue to work together with the help of Script Network’s ecosystem.

Bitgert is a wide-ranging crypto engineering organization, with its focus on changing the way people presently happen to be connecting with digital assets. With the help of its various projects, the entity has successfully built a healthy ecosystem of products that run through every factor related to the ownership of digital assets. With the help of the Bitgert Chain, which happens to be an extremely speedy blockchain, carrying out 100,000 transactions per second, right up to the Bitgert centralized crypto exchange, which provides zero-fee trades, the entity seems to possess an entire array of products that bring about convenience for users connecting with cryptocurrencies.

Now that this partnership is in place, all associated users will greatly benefit. All of the focus will be on the overall growth through a number of different models and options, both right away and in the long run. This will be achievable with the help of the present incorporations. Bitgert ads will have the possibility of appearing on the Script Network, extending their audience reach. Plans are afoot for Script Network to be incorporated with the massive community and the dApps that have been created on the Bitgert blockchain.

There will also be a two-way incentivized model in the form of a reward pool for the sake of Bitgert users. This will be in the form of $SPAY tokens for them to connect. In the present scenario, all kinds of notifications will fall into place. There will also be the utilization of Bitgert dApps, such as the crypto wallet, along with the display of respective data lying inside the user dashboard.


Script Network as an entity is a video-oriented blockchain protocol that functions on decentralized storage as well as all-time live content. Its products are Script TV, GameFi NFTS, and various dApps, which are currently under construction.

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