Scytale Digital Leads $37M Funding Round for Mythical Games

Mythical Games has concluded an extended Round–C, raising funds of $37 million from new and existing investors. The funding round was led by Scytale Digital and saw participation from ARK Invest, MoonPay, a16z, Animoca Brands, and PROOF.

It follows NFL Rival’s creator’s $150 million and $75 million fundraisings. This round was led by Andreessen Horowitz.

Funds raised in the extended series round will be utilized to make the venture profitable in the next 12 months. This aligns with the goal of the team, which is aiming to run the venture with profits. Moreover, Mythical Games will work to deliver innovative Web3 iGaming content by leveraging the potential of Web3 infrastructure and other gaming models that have made their way into the market in recent days.

Moving forward, Mythical Games is targeting to raise $20 million to $30 million more funds by the end of the current year, which is 2023.

John Linden, the Chief Executive Officer of Mythical Games, has assured that the focus of Mythical Gaming will continue to be on producing games that are best as per the industry standards. The venture will simultaneously construct a dynamic marketplace to bring together stakeholders and players in the ecosystem. They will, needless to say, be brought directly to the game economies.

Mythical Gaming has been experiencing success since last year. At that time, per the statement issued by Liden, it was the Blankos Block Party game that helped them onboard over a million players on the platform. The most recent success was seen when NFL Rivals clocked more than a million downloads on mobile devices since its launch in the last month. Further, it registered an average of more than $1 million in daily transactions through Mythical Chain.

Liden has said that they are now seeing their vision being realized and strategies paying off with a core focus on making the venture profitable.

Mark Cachia, the Chief Information Officer & Founder of Scytale Digital, has expressed confidence in Mythical Games achieving dominance in the gaming sector as a platform. Mark has further added they believe that the game is a vehicle to drive mass adoption of blockchain, also stating their pride in being their partner in the journey. Mark did not hesitate to acknowledge the success that Mythical Games achieved last year.

As for the Blankos Block Party game, the gameplay is backed by Ethereum and EOS blockchain, with free gameplay mode available to new users. It can be accessed through MAC and Windows operating systems. It offers a gaming platform and also acts as an investment platform that is powered by blockchain technology.

Players at the Party game are tasked with completing the game to get Blanko for free. They can alternatively be bought from the marketplace. They do not need any coding skills while setting up a game, defining their rules, and building their experience.

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