Seal Storage and Filecoin DeStor launch AI Data Integrity Project

Seal Storage Technology, a leading provider of data storage solutions, and Filecoin DeStor, a prominent decentralised storage network, have announced a groundbreaking collaboration with an Industry-University Cooperative Research Center on an AI Data Integrity Project. This ambitious initiative addresses the critical need to ensure the integrity and security of AI-generated data by leveraging advanced technologies and interdisciplinary expertise.

The collaboration brings together Seal Storage Technology’s expertise in secure data storage solutions and Filecoin DeStor’s decentralised storage infrastructure with the research capabilities of the Industry-University Cooperative Research Center. This partnership marks a significant step towards advancing the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and addressing the challenges associated with maintaining data integrity in AI-driven applications.

Governments and businesses are implementing more complicated information and communications technology systems that are connected to other systems like the cloud and the Internet of Things. Generative AI-based LLMs such as ChatGPT are quickly becoming valuable resources for effectively developing complicated systems. 

On the other hand, depending on generative AI for system construction tasks like requirement development and design could lead to unanticipated harm and security vulnerabilities in the system. This research shows how having an immutable, auditable record of the data used in designing and developing secure systems increases trustworthiness when employing generative AI and LLMs. It also establishes techniques to ensure safe operations in system construction using generative AI, including applying Seal’s blockchain-based data storage.

The AI Data Integrity Project will focus on developing innovative solutions to safeguard the integrity of data used in AI models, including training data, validation data, and inference data. With the increasing reliance on AI technologies across various industries, ensuring AI-generated data’s accuracy, reliability, and security has become paramount for organisations seeking to leverage AI for decision-making and problem-solving.

Key objectives of the collaboration include:

  • Research and Development of Secure Data Storage Solutions: The project will explore novel approaches to securely storing AI-generated data, leveraging Seal Storage Technology’s expertise in data encryption, access control, and tamper-proof storage.
  • Integration of Decentralized Storage Networks: Filecoin DeStor’s decentralised storage network will be integrated into the project, enabling the secure and decentralised storage of AI data while ensuring high availability and data redundancy.
  • Implementation of Data Integrity Verification Mechanisms: The collaboration will develop robust mechanisms for verifying the integrity of AI-generated data, including cryptographic techniques, data provenance tracking, and anomaly detection algorithms.
  • Interdisciplinary Research and Knowledge Exchange: The Industry-University Cooperative Research Center will facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers, industry experts, and academic institutions, fostering knowledge exchange and innovation in AI data integrity.

The AI Data Integrity Project holds the potential to drive significant advancements in AI technology and contribute to the development of more trustworthy and reliable AI systems.

By leveraging Seal Storage Technology’s secure data storage solutions, Filecoin DeStor’s decentralised storage infrastructure, and the research capabilities of the Industry-University Cooperative Research Center, the collaboration aims to address critical challenges in ensuring the integrity of AI-generated data and pave the way for the widespread adoption of AI technologies across industries.

The collaboration represents a model of industry-academic partnership aimed at accelerating innovation, promoting cooperation, and addressing real-world challenges in artificial intelligence. As organisations continue to harness the power of AI to drive business growth and innovation, initiatives like the AI Data Integrity Project play a vital role in building trust, transparency, and accountability in AI-driven decision-making processes.

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