SeaPad announces new partnership with DAOLaunch

SeaPad recently announced an official partnership with DAOLaunch. The announcement was made on the SeaPad Twitter account.

According to the tweet, SeaPad is trying to connect investors with crypto and blockchain startups. The platform will allow emerging and early-stage startups to raise funds. This will be done in a completely decentralized and transparent manner.

SeaPad stated that as partners, DAOLaunch and SeaPad are committed to progressing each other’s efforts. Moreover, the parties are set to foster a thriving ecosystem that promotes disruptive ideas.

Together, both parties will provide new experiences to startups, giving them the required early-stage boost. The partnership will also result in offering giveaway WL slots to the community across the DAOLaunch ecosystem. DAOLaunch also confirmed the partnership on the official Twitter handle. 

SeaPad has been on a spree the past few weeks, with its IDO launching soon. The platform also announced a strategic partnership with HyperGPT this July. The collaboration was executed to advance the AI and blockchain market.

The platforms are trying to foster accessibility, support, and innovation. At the same time, they are empowering investors and users in the blockchain community. Similar to DAOLaunch, HyperGPT will also assist SeaPad in gaining credibility in the market.

The next-gen platform offers a transparent and secure marketplace for AI apps. HyperGPT is built on blockchain technology, and it empowers individuals, businesses, and developers to facilitate innovation. 

As a reliable launchpad, SeaPad is also leveraging blockchain technology and networks. The platform uses Sei, zkSync, Sui, Arbitrum, and more networks to drive innovation and fairness.

SeaPad’s aim is to boost creative ideas that bring projects to life. Its comprehensive support is offered throughout a project’s lifecycle, from the fundraiser to the post-launch. Thus, its collaboration with DAOLaunch will also enable startups to gain the recognition they deserve.

Scott Cook

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