SeaShrine forms a partnership with MSafe

SeaShrine has entered into an exclusive partnership with MSafe, a multi-sign and a non-custodial digital management application built on Move. This serves the community of Aptos by providing a secure, decentralized wallet-as-a-service. A unique Mythical Dragon NFT, which has a hidden utility in Fury of the Seas, the gamified DAO exposure of SeaShrine, is being provided to recognize this specific partnership.

MSafe, also called Momentum Safe, is an all-inclusive safe place for connecting with Aptos DeFi. It provides the opportunity for users to be able to hold, send, and receive digital assets. A provision is also made for the users to connect with further dApps like staking, lending, and yield farming inside a first-party dashboard. Where the multi-sig feature is concerned, it provides a way for various individuals to connect with a single wallet, which needs one and all to sign off on a transaction. This provides reassurance on safety-related matters. With the non-custodial factor of MSafe, it maintains aspects of decentralization, giving the user the option of having total control of his assets without the help of a centralized entity or company. 

The design linked with the partnership between SeaShrine and MSafe is a touch-up form from the Mystic Dragon collection. The idea was to build a well-defined Mystic Dragon artform that turned out to be absolutely unique. It also contains the headphones and the unique MSafe-branded shirt the MSafe Dragon wears. In order to be able to mint one of the digital collectibles, collectors must be linked with their MSafe wallets to the SeaShrine marketplace while minting. The Dragon NFT is only accessible to MSafe wallet users.  


As a part of MSafe’s future plans, the entity will release a first-party asset management dashboard, which will allow users to connect with decentralized applications safely and conveniently. With the formation of this partnership, the collective expertise of both entities will be utilized in creating an enhanced ecosystem that functions on quality, innovation, and safety.

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