SEC found to be engaging in bad faith against The DEBT Box

The US District Court Judge Robert Shelby concluded a hearing by stating that the US Securities and Exchange Commission, also known as the SEC, had acted in bad faith against The Debt Box. The Utah Judge added that there was abuse of judicial process by the agency. This pertains to a case against The Debt Box that the Commission brought before the court in July last year, that is, 2023. It was claimed that the company was swiftly winding up its bank accounts and attempting to flee the country.

The Court has currently ordered the SEC to pay legal fees for the company while denying its motion to dismiss the charges without prejudice. The latter aspect is rather crucial, for it disables the Commission from refiling the case with the same charges. Reportedly, the agency did have plans to re-file the case and better present its side.

It has been admitted by the Commission that they misrepresented the facts in an error. A reason why the case broke out is because the assets of The Debt Box were frozen under a temporary restraining order. The event has been detailed in an 80-page filing, highlighting that the conduct of the US SEC has substantially undermined the integrity of proceedings and the judicial process.

A case was filed against The Debt Box when the Commission claimed to have sniffed a fraud worth $50 million via the sale of unregistered securities.

The Debt Box initially played along with the request, but the crypto company later flagged that the Commission had misrepresented the information to obtain a restraining order. The Commission accepted its mistake when the Court asked them to back their action with a piece of evidence.

This case is a pivotal moment for both sides: there are crypto firms that are banking on such instances to strengthen their fight against the Commission, and The Debt Box gets to stand by its grant and continue operating as usual.

A group of Republican senators previously wrote a letter to the SEC Chair, Gary Gensler, expressing their concern over the way things were being rolled out. They said that trust in the agency was being undermined.

The SEC has also been found making strategic decisions to obtain the restraining order, that is, by presenting questionable information despite the lawyers being aware of the actual matter. Paul Grewal, the Chief Legal Officer of Coinbase, tweeted on the matter, saying that the Commission just foisted a bill on them for their litigation misconduct.

A spokesperson from the US SEC said that the decision is being reviewed by them, and a statement will be made later.

Many crypto enthusiasts are now saying that the SEC has also engaged in bad faith with Ripple for many years, while others are seeking an investigation into Gensler himself.

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