Securitize Announced Tenth On-Chain Digital Asset Through Its Platform

The security token start-up based in San Francisco, Securitize backed by Coinbase has announced the launch of the tenth on-chain digital asset.

The start-up assists Coinbase and other firms in creating tokens or tokenization of assets and securities. The start-up entered into the digital asset market with support from Coinbase, but since then, it has come a long way.

The CEO (Curzio Equity Owners) token has an equity interest in Curzio Research’s newsletter business, the financial analytics publishing firm. As per the firm, the token will present a path to invest in scalable, high margin industry, which is otherwise difficult to access for the outsiders.

The start-up has a long list of substantial investors from the cryptocurrency industry, which not only included Coinbase but also includes Ripple, Global Brain Corporation, and NXTP.

The firm used to tokenize the assets in collaboration with Protos,, and Cityblock Capital in the past. The intention was to provide ownership opportunities to the user which people can purchase instead of using traditional non-digital methods. While investing people can use both fiat and cryptocurrency, but while drawing dividends, it can only be paid in USDC stable coin of Coinbase or Circle.

The firms target to bring transparency to the securities market by using the blockchain technology. The CEO and founder of the company Carlos Domingo said they are also working towards developing a relationship with investors by increasing liquidity, keeping up with the capital, and promoting compliance.

The Ethereum based protocol of Securitize has nine on-chain tokenized securities which worth $200 million. They have 150 investors for each asset. Of these nine assets, five trade on the regulated market like ATS of tZero, Sharespost, and Open Finance Network.

The cost involved for tokenizing the assets includes issuing and managing the platform fees. If broker-dealer is required, then managing the expenses of a broker-dealer if the listing happens then handling the listing fees and most important of all securing legal advice.

In April this year, the start-up has launched Securitize Ready Platform in collaboration with Coinbase and OpenFinance.

As per a representative, Cruzio did all the legal work and definition while Securitize did the technical job to support the onboarding of the investors. Securitize also did the management of security tokens their issuance, creation of smart contracts for the crypto securities.

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