Securitize Offers Global Solutions for Compliant Digital Securities

Securitize offers trusted worldwide solutions for developing and managing compliant digital securities. Securitize is a full-stack technology and services platform with strong features and provides specialized tools for issuers and investors. Furthermore, the Securitize platform permits the clients to handle their digital securities from a convenient dashboard.


  • Securitize is a technology provider for the issuance of security tokens. The firm is based in San Francisco and has raised more than 30 million dollars to date and has offered the technology for more than ten regulated assets to be issued through blockchain.
  • Several Securitize backed digital securities are trading globally on public marketplaces and many more are yet to come in the foreseeable future.
  • Securitize’s innovational DS Protocol has the maximum adoption rate in the business and empowers seamless, fully compliant trading over various markets simultaneously.
  • Also, the firm has launched the latest version, 3.0 of its platform, which includes a control panel to assist clients with issuing and managing the lifecycle of digital securities.
  • The Securitize platform has managed and issued over 135 million dollars worth of digital securities, which includes Blockchain Capital, SPiCE VC, Aspencoin, Science Blockchain and several more.

Securitize Issuance Platform

The Securitize issuance platform can be explained as a proven, full-stack technology solution meant for digital securities. Each component has been created based on the customer’s needs, which makes the Securitize platform the best solution available today in the market.


  • Investor Onboarding
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Investor Dashboard for Lifecycle Management
  • Optional Two Factor Authentication for Investors
  • Document Signing
  • KYC/AML Accreditation Qualification
  • Fund and Payout in Fiat and Crypto
  • Multi-Blockchain support, including Ethereum (ERC-20 Compliant) and Tezos
  • Issuer Admin Console
  • Real-Time Cap Table
  • Raise Performance Indicators
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Multiple Issuance Management
  • Investor Limits Enforcement
  • FATCA Information
  • Tax Reporting
  • KYB and Support for Registered Offerings in EU

Partnership with BUIDL

  • Japan’s blockchain technology consultancy firm BUIDL, was acquired by Security token platform Securitize to expand its company’s influence and operations in Asia. The Japanese consulting and development firm acquired by Securitize is focused on distributed ledger technology known as BUIDL.
  • Established in late 2018, BUIDL provides support to various security token projects located in Japan. The organization says its income has been developing steadily and has obtained a large market share, since its platform launch.

Wrap up

The Securitize compliance protocol and platform offers a full-stack solution for managing and issuing security tokens (digital securities). Securitize’s innovative global solutions for managing and creating compliant digital securities are already doing well in the marketplaces, which is opening the way for modernizing the capital markets. Keeping our fingers crossed, we need to wait and see how its latest innovations and features shape the future.

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