SeedBox is Set to Launch on Polygon, having Polygon as a Native Mainnet

Mainnet is a blockchain protocol that has been fully designed and deployed for further functioning. It differs from the testnet because the testnet is still under production while the mainnet is already live on the network.

When a platform states that it is live on the mainnet, it means that all the Crypto transactions are now officially broadcasted, verified, and recorded on a distributed ledger called Blockchain. Mainnet is an independent blockchain network with its protocol and technology.


SeedBox is a launchpad that has gained tremendous recognition in the industry. It grants access to the users to Venture Capital for leveraging their retail investments. SeedBox functions with a mission to revolutionize the existing market of decentralized crowdfunding.

It additionally looks after offering unlimited access to seed and private stages of investment while providing a valuable funding source for upcoming ideas that dare to change the industry.

Polygon is a platform that enables infrastructure development and scaling on the Ethereum network. Its adoption has spread across various industries. Polygon currently hosts more than 7,000 applications and secures more than $5 billion in digital assets.

The platform has recorded more than 135 million unique user addresses that have processed 3.4 billion transactions in total.

SeedBox To Launch On Polygon

SeedBox is now all set to bring its decentralized multi-format VC launchpad on Polygon as it has recognized Polygon as its native mainnet.

SeedBox shared the news through its blog post. According to the update shared by the team, Seedbox plans to utilize Polygon as a solution provider that is versatile for providing a superior multifaceted VC experience.

In return, the users of Polygon will earn access to the ecosystem of SeedBox that has elements related to investment opportunities and various launchpad features like staking, farming, and trading of non-fungible tokens.

Through the launch of SeedBox on Polygon, the platform will enable its users to raise funds through the launchpad.

What motivated SeedBox to choose Polygon was the future potential in the form of scaling solutions. These solutions enable communication among the Ethereum-supported blockchains.

A combination of almost zero gas fee and fast transaction speed added to the decision-making for the team behind SandBox to choose Polygon as a native mainnet.

SeedBox, while announcing the news, said that it was thrilled with the launch on Polygon. Developers appreciate Polygon for granting access to its scaling and infrastructure solutions, and there seems to be no doubt about the future that SeedBox holds with the launch.

The scaling and infrastructure solutions of Polygon include sidechains, Layer Solutions, hybrid solutions, chains for enterprise & stand-along customers, and data availability solutions, among many more.

It would be an easy transition for developers looking to jump from Ethereum to Polygon, as the latter claims that the system is nearly the same. If someone was an Ethereum developer, then he or she was already a Polygon developer.

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