Sensay introduces AI-driven digital replicas for dementia patients

Sensay, a technology-driven company situated at the intersection of blockchain and artificial intelligence, will soon launch its platform for constructing authentic and autonomous AI digital replicas on-chain. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, users will be granted the ability to retain ownership and generate revenue from their digital replicas.

Sesay initially aims to provide lifelike digital replicas to dementia patients and their family members as a means of companionship and memory preservation. This innovative methodology tackles the pressing requirements of more than 55 million individuals across the globe who are impacted by dementia. At this time, Sensay has enrolled over 25,000 beta users on its platform.

In addition, new possibilities will become available involving many vertices, such as education, healthcare, entertainment, and self-improvement. An array of experts and other facilities will be available on call. The company intends to transform the face of digital engagement by releasing a digital replica capable of involving players in the form of non-playable characters (NPCs) and engaging with customers in all languages conceivable, based on various skills. All of the monotonous jobs will be completed.

Sensay has launched the $SNSY token as part of its plans to democratize technology, allowing users to participate in the platform’s economy. Token holders will be able to receive special rewards, stay up to date on new developments, and learn how to use tokens throughout the Sensay ecosystem.

The $SNSY token will function as an interchange instrument throughout the Sensay data space, including its decentralized storage and autonomous digital replicas. At present, the $SNSY token is listed on the Ethereum network. Hacken and Hashlock have conducted an audit for this token using a LayerZero OFT (Omni-chain Fungible Token), which facilitates the transition to L2s like Arbitrum.

Sensay is poised to establish partnerships with prominent organizations, including HypersignID, Fetch AI, AIOZ, and numerous others. This will aid in expanding the potential of the application.

On March 19, the $SNSY tokens will be made available to the public for purchase; this process will continue for the next three weeks or until all tokens are sold. Essentially, it is a bootstrapped operation. Organizations such as Gempad, Poolz Finance, Fjord Foundry, and Enjinstarter will participate in the public offering.

Dan Thomson, the founder and chief executive officer of Sensay, has over seven years of experience in digital copy and Web3 technology. He has gained notoriety for establishing a multitude of enterprises throughout his illustrious career. The objective is to advance the potential of blockchain and AI.

Thomson asserts that they have initiated an endeavor concerning an advanced digital era with the intention of improving worldwide society. With the use of a decentralized framework in the digital era, the company helps bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3, which boosts future digital replicas.

Sensay has significantly influenced the way in which digital identity and history are perceived in the digital realm. The organization is establishing a novel paradigm concerning personal presence and legacy by developing on-chain authenticated digital replicas.

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