Sepana raises $10 million round funding by Hack VC & Pitango First

A decentralized web search startup Sepana announced today that it had raised a $10 million funding round supported by Hack VC and Pitango First. Balaji Srinivasan, Lattice Capital, and others also took part in the startup round, but Sepana refused to share its valuation.

Daniel and David Keyes, founders of Sepana, are trying to make web3 content like NFTs and DAOs more approachable through its search engine. As per the report, the funds would be used to appoint blockchain engineers and experts. It also plans to launch a new product to assist the search community across the product. 

Its upcoming web3 search API would access any decentralized app incorporating its search features. As per Sepana, numerous search queries on dapps and other blockchains are generated by its engine. 

The vision of this platform is to build a decentralized P2P search protocol that would help create an information bridge between dApps and protocols to enhance the search outcome without restricting its privacy measures. The main vision is to enhance and raise the indexing and Web3 search space. Similarly, there are other crypto companies like the crypto startup Lighthouse Labs that raised $7 million ahead of the launching of their metaverse universe.

Trevor Holman

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