Settlement agreement of $885 million between FTX estate and IRS

FTX debtors must pay the Internal Revenue Service $200 million and a remaining property claim of $685 million. The new agreement will feature the FTX estate paying the Internal Revenue Service nearly $1 billion. The sum totaling $885 million is very low compared to the $24 billion demanded by the Internal Revenue Service. According to the settlement agreement, the debtors should pay the IRS $200 million within two months of confirmation. The remaining amount will be paid as a part of the extent of funds available as per the settlement agreement.

Other claims will be repaid initially, while the claim will take a backseat. A hearing on the motion is scheduled on 25/June/2024 by the Judge supervising bankruptcy proceedings. It has been pointed out that the FTX did not earn anything that could support the claims of the Internal Revenue Service for $24 billion as a tax amount. There is an allegation that FTX owed approximately $44 as tax, and the settlement agreement effectively solves a burning issue during FTX’s voyage to recuperate its bankruptcy.

A hearing is planned in June 2024 to discuss the FTX’s proposed reorganization strategy. The FTX estate recently announced that they had amassed a $14.5 and $16 billion fund to pay the creditors back. The proposed settlement agreement received mixed responses from different quarters, and a few creditors are frustrated that their claims will be paid back as per November 2022 prices. Some pointers of the proposed settlement agreement were challenged during the initial days of the year. The FTX is a bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange, and the American court has already accepted the proposal submitted by FTX.

The claims, including the income tax liability for income, were fiercely disputed by the FTX in the US court. The proposed settlement will allow the FTX to cut back its tax claim with the Internal Revenue Service. The FTX estate has sought a reduction of $24 billion, and the settlement agreement will come into effect after court approval and the acceptance of the reorganization strategy. 

The new agreement will reduce litigation risks and instill certainty among the customer community and creditors regarding the recovery plan. The deal depicts a substantial decrease in the amount claimed by American tax authorities and outlines a comprehensive repayment strategy.

A recent court filing mentioned the tentative agreement between the FTX and the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS will get $685 million as a subordinate claim after existing creditors and customers are sent pay cheques. According to an official spokesperson of FTX, the new settlement will establish a lucid recovery path for all stakeholders. 

The previous stand taken by the FTX on tax liabilities was often controversial, and the FTX contends that they should not be taxed on funds mismanaged by the former Chief Executive Officer. The FTX doubts the agency’s employment tax calculations on salaries paid to their former CEO and top-level executives.

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