Shakepay launches Active Stackers for ShakingStats rewards

Shakepay originally launched ShakingStats out of the idea of celebrating April Fool’s Day. Little was known to the team that the idea would outgrow and get adopted by the community with full jest. ShakingStats is now a pretty big thing, with tens of thousands of users participating every day.

Participation in ShakingStats represents the number of users who are active on the platform. All they do is open the mobile application and shake the device until a notification pops up informing them about the registration of the shake.

Shakepay has emerged as the top contender for Canadians to buy and sell Bitcoin. The purchase is facilitated by Interac e-Transfer, allowing members to cash out instantly. More details about the platform, in general, can be read in our Shakepay review. The platform is backed by over 1,000,000 Canadian customers and has features like secured storage of BTC and commission-free transactions, & licensed by FINTRAC.

A simple shake, however, signifies the commitment and loyalty that the community has towards the idea and the brand. Hence, Shakepay has decided to reward them, the most active members of the community, by launching two different tiers. These are Active Stackers and Inactive Stackers.

Both stand true to their names. Meaning, Active Stacker looks to reward members who are active on the platform, while Inactive Stacker looks to make inactive members more active.

Both tiers of ShakingStats are in effect starting May 11, 2023.

Active Stacker keeps the reward consistent, provided a member uses Shakepay Card at least once a week. Alternatively, they can make an exchange on the platform once every 7 days.

Inactive Stacker is for members who do not meet the criteria mentioned in Tier 1 or Active Stacker. Tier 2 members can continue building their streak and earn 21 stats for days they shake. Members in Inactive Stacker can enter Tier 1 at any time. They only have to start fulfilling the criteria of Active Stacker. The best ways to enter Tier 1 of ShakingStats are as follows:

  • Set the Shakepay Card as the default payment method on the mobile wallet; and,
  • Set up the option of recurring, daily, or weekly, making the purchase.

Shakepay Card is issued by PTC, short for People’s Trust Company. Rewards rolled out for shaking the mobile device every day are a few BTC coins. These are offered daily for free. ShackingStats is available for customers who have been referred by other users and who have then verified their accounts with the platform. Members already registered with ShackingStats can refer other users, ping them to verify, and become available for either tier.

Streaks can be maintained by opening the application and shaking the mobile device before midnight EST. Breaking the streak tales members back to Day 1 when they shake later at Shakepay.

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