ShareRing and KardiaChain Partner To Boost Blockchain Mass Adoption

KardiaChain has partnered with ShareRing to promote the smooth integration of its products and encourage mass adoption of Blockchain technology by new crypto users.

ShareRing and KardiaChain have a shared goal: Scale mass adoption of blockchain technology and decentralized digital assets among non-crypto users with the help of hybrid solutions. For the two businesses, coming together and developing useful applications for users is the best way to achieve the aim.

ShareRing’s newly launched app would be integrating KAI tokens that would make many utilities and features accessible for its users via ShareRing’s partner products. 

The integration of KAI tokens into ShareRing’s Ecosystem as a payment method would enable users to pay for various services available on ShareRing’s network. The KAI tokens would be available within the app wallet to facilitate transactions and payment acceptance, from ShareRing’s connected partners.

The accessible services and utilities would include travel services, e-commerce platforms, e-visas, local delivery services, passport applications, payments and foreign exchange apps, car rental services, insurance, healthcare, and many other services.

CEO of ShareRing, Tim Bos, is optimistic about the partnership and believes that KardiaChain’s business knowledge of the Southeast Asian market would help with mass adoption.

KardiaChain, on the other hand, would be able to integrate ShareRing’s travel and passport features into its ecosystem. Consequently, users could get access to ShareRing’s features via the KAI membership app, in addition to their top-up service, payment gateway, Mai Linh taxi service, and the KAI master wallet.

This collaboration is not just limited to the purpose mentioned above, but both organizations have plans to explore further opportunities to expand into ASEAN markets and promote tech product interoperability. They also wish to participate in promotional events to increase their market and enhance their reach. 

KardiaChain specializes in developing scalable, interoperable hybrid blockchain platforms and DeFi apps to make digital assets accessible to users. They are also building a DID (decentralized identity) and payment gateway simultaneously. 

The organization’s main aim is to make blockchain technology accessible to everyone and popularize the use of KAI tokens by integrating with several businesses’ blockchain ecosystems. KAI membership is Kardiachain’s flagship product, and KAIstarter platform, Youth Union Incentive App, and DEX Cross-chain Decentralised Exchange Prototype are its other products and services.

ShareRing’s decentralized ecosystem has two goals: bringing transparency for its users and enhancing the accessibility of digital assets. ShareRing ID is their flagship product, a flexible identity verification system facilitating integration across various businesses.

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