ShareRing Vault is a digital pass for users in need of instant verification

Privacy is inviolable. It is held so dearly, and the law provides for this human right’s preservation. The quest to ensure everyone’s right to privacy is upheld forms the core of crypto and blockchain. Every batch of transactions in the blockchain is inherently private. Only authorized parties can unveil the identity of the parties behind every transfer.

ShareRing, through ShareRing Vault, shares this vision of protecting what truly matters to every user. Regardless of their location, citizens’ details should be protected against third-party abuse. Their geographical location, wealth, age, or other segregating factors don’t matter. 

ShareRing has rolled out several solutions. However, some of its core products, especially the ShareRing Vault, are anchored on the ShareLedger blockchain. Recently ShareRing announced more enhancements to ShareRing Vault. Through ShareRing Vault, the platform can secure what truly matters: personal information under the custody of individuals or entities. ShareRing aims to enable the creation and use of self-sovereign verifiable credentials across web2 and web3. This means their solutions are accessible to everyone, irrespective of their tech savviness in ordinary publishing, that is, web2, or the blockchain-enabled ecosystem of web3 where opportunities are near infinite and power devolved to end users via a trustless base layer governed by smart contracts.

ShareRing Vault is user-facing, privacy-centric, and easy to use for all users. A notable feature of this solution is that it is quickly accessible through the ShareRing App. The mobile application is available for both iOS and Android users. Like in any other application, all you have to do is download, install, and then follow the prompts for you to access ShareRing Vault. Using the vault guarantees users they can secure all their private details because data is stored locally within their devices. At the same time, users are always in control of documents such as health records, passports, and more. With identifying documents within reach of users at any time, they will always have priority in accessing exclusive areas where digital verification is required.

As they verify their identity, ShareRing Vault protects this information from unauthorized access from unapproved third parties. At the core of this application is encryption and enterprise-grade privacy levels where the user is always at the liberty of choosing which documents they can share at any time. The convenience of navigation inside the vault is further assured by the ability of users to filter uploaded content straight from the ShareRing App. 

Earlier ShareRing launched Skinny ID to ease user onboarding. With Skinny ID, users only need their email address and full name to create a ShareRing account, accessing all features available on the ShareRing App.

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