Sheesha Finance Joins Hands with Yield Optimizer Alluo

The blog post shared by Sheesha Finance on March 22 announced its partnership with the fintech firm Alluo. Now, the money users invest in Alluo will be able to utilize the diversification protocols of Sheesha to land bigger rewards and profits. This partnership intends to expand the community by teaming up, which would also increase the flow of funds on these platforms. First up, Sheesha will be available in the Alluo mobile app for the users when they purchase their assets. With assistance from this protocol, Alluo hopes to get competitive deals for its users.

Alluo is a fintech platform that is operating to bridge the gap between traditional finance systems and DeFi. With this platform, users can invest the supported cryptocurrencies or fiat money to get up to an 8% yield per year. The platform offers tools to optimize the yields from the funds you have invested and also liquidity protocols for your stablecoins. Technically, Alluo does the job of a banker but owing to its connection to Defi, the profits from the interests go very high. Moreover, the platform comes with no lockup period or minimum deposit limits for the money you are putting in. On top of everything, it allows you to send money instantly to any wallet around the world.

This visionary project will now be able to optimize its performance in yield optimization with the new partnership with Sheesha Finance. This is a premium staking platform that excels in cryptocurrency portfolio diversification. The crypto industry is undoubtedly a profitable field. Still, not everyone knows their ways around the market to recognize it. Now, with the help of the Sheesha protocol, anyone from large crypto holders to small investors can diversify their portfolios to increase the chances of landing huge profits and rewards.

Moreover, Alluo tokens offer a better deal in the DeFi as far as liquidity is concerned. So far the liquidity protocols available in the DeFi mainly fall under two categories; rented liquidity and protocol-owned liquidity. In the first case, the liquidity fades away just as the possibilities of rewards fade away. It is due to the lack of alignment between the liquidity suppliers and the protocol. In the latter kind, a large number of tokens will be emitted to establish a limited partnership position.


Alluo’s solution does not involve large numbers of tokens to supply a high amount of liquidity. It also allows liquidity providers to take on an active role. It is believed to help DeFi enthusiasts working in liquidity management, other protocols in need of liquidity, and the users of the Alluo mobile app. The Alluo protocol is hoping to bring higher APY to the assets held by the Alluo communities by voting on the APY of every asset. Furthermore, users can start staking Sheesha by connecting their MetaMask wallet to the finance dashboard.

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